I Am Bradley Manning

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  1. \t[LEAKED TEASER] I am Bradley Manning
    If you witnessed war crimes, what would you do? More coming soon...

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    Inside Story Americas - Bradley Manning: a whistleblowing hero?
    What can we learn from Private Bradley Manning's explanation for leaking US documents? Is Manning a hero or a villain? To discuss this on Inside Story Americas, with presenter Shihab Rattansi, are guests: Chase Madar, an attorney and author of The Passion of Bradley Manning; Joe Glenton, a British army Afghanistan veteran, writer and filmmaker; Jesselyn Radack, a national security and human rights director at Government Accountability Project; and JD Gordon, the former defence department spokesman.
  3. I'm confused and dont want to watch a video right now. Who's Bradley Manning if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I heard an interesting bit about this on NPR.

    All I have to say is he took an oath. If he really wanted to do it right, another, respectable avenue should of been taken. Not saying I don't like exposing the secrets, but he went about it in a stupid fashion
    This post is awful. He took an oath to defend his country, not to hide his countries bloodshed from the public.
    I don't care what oath he signed up nor do I care about what mud gets slung at him. The guy stood up for what he thought was right, showed us that our government has basically been lying to us the entire time, and somehow he's the guy on trial.
  6. He was a soldier who leaked tons of classified military documents. I think he purposely posted them online which was obviously easily accessible to anyone who wanted to see them including terrorists.

    Some people think that he's a hero. I think if you're a soldier, you have a duty and that duty isn't to put American lives in danger.
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    If what he posted was proof of the military doing illegal acts I applaud him.
  8. the gun camera apache footage he leaked is pretty rough have you seen it? i dont think leaking footage of soldiers murdering civilians is putting his fellow soldiers lives in danger
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    This post is awful. He took an oath to defend his country, not to hide his countries bloodshed from the public.


    I don't care what oath he signed up nor do I care about what mud gets slung at him. The guy stood up for what he thought was right, showed us that our government has basically been lying to us the entire time, and somehow he's the guy on trial.
    </blockquote>I'm not saying he's a villian or anything. Just when we have that extensive typenof process to keep these things secret, so others don't retaliate, try not to fuck it up. Its good to expose bloodshed, but didn't he post other things as well? If he put plans for icbms or predator drones, then north korea gets ahold of it, is he still a hero?

    Exposing bloodshed is one thing, but to just put it on the web for the whole world to access was a juvinelle move. He took an oath to protect our country, and obviously there's a reason why some of those things are secret. Such as plans, or messed up missions.

    Just my opinion man, no need to call my posts awful, because you don't agree with it.

    Pretty sure he said he's willing to accept punsihment of up to twenty years for his actions. I think we can all agree a punishment like that or harsher is comepletly unnecessary. Dishonorable discharge is punishment enough
  10. It's like this. I was in the marines so my view is always going to be, you take care of your brothers and sisters. If you see something wrong, by all means, expose it. But do it in a way that 1. Doesn't get you possible life in prison. And 2. Complete the mission and THEN take it up the correct channels.

    You can't just go all willy nilly while you're deployed and start exposing shit that could possibly help the enemy.

    But I totally get where you and everyone else is coming from.
    If the "correct" channels never plan to do anything or expose said information why would you bring it to them?
    Well for starters, the enlarged is the worst attempt at a strawman I've ever seen, clearly not what I'm arguing. Secondly he took an oath to protect the country, but he's not being punished for putting the country in danger, he's being punished for exposing how awful this country is and that's something entirely different. Obviously he didn't go to wikileaks to endanger America and the notion that he would is absurd without evidence to back it.
    I called you post awful because of the mindset behind it(nothing against you personally). A man's fealty is to himself, not his government. Regardless of what oath he signed up for, or national secrets he may have inadvertently blurted out, this man saw something that was utterly wrong, something that wouldn't get out, and saw to do something about it(hopefully in an act to alleviate his conscious). The problem with this whole thing is the man exposed something awful about our country, and instead of our politicians saying we'll try better and fix it up next time, they're calling this man a traitor and charging him with treason. He's a God damn American hero and deserves a medal. All this does is set a precedent, and that precedent is that if you're a whistler blower, you won't be treated well. He's not one of the Rosenbergs, selling secrets, he exposed a very brutal nasty side of our country to people.
    It's just really upsetting to think that people think an oath to their country has any significance compared to exposing war crimes.
  12. Because he is a soldier whether he liked it or not. Some of you guys have no concept of responsibility and you think that you can do whatever the hell you want just because YOU think that you're justified in doing it.

    You can't sacrifice some people's safety to expose other people.

    It's just not right. I don't think some of you understand that a military member is not a civilian.

    I hate to be that guy but he made an oath.

    In the Marines we said, good initiative. Bad judgement.

    Totally that.
  13. I think this guy is doing whats right and that are government has done things much more terrible than this and some of it may be exposed soon. It is commoon thought outside of America that are government lies and manipulates us and treats other countries terrible, people in UK say it many Muslims preach it and even others aswell. I think we hold ourselves above others and dont want to accept the fact that America is not perfect and that we do bad things.
  14. Im sure the "oath' they signed up for does not say to murder and rape civilians. Once the chain of command no longer stands up for there own policies or oath, Why should Bradley ?
    So if you see war crimes being commited you don't say anything just because you're a soldier? i really thought they didn't take the idea of following orders no matter what was so strong. The guy exposed unnecessary killing that happens everyday. An american citizen isn't going to see that unless someone brings it up. Most people think we're doing a favor to those we have invaded in the middle east. People need a bitch slap to wake them up and there's nothing better than some raw evidence of abuse of power. Sure he took an oath but where do you draw the line between selling your soul and doing the right thing?
    Now i agree he could have gone about it in a better way but most likely if he did noone would have ever saw it. He wasn't posting schematics for drones, icbm's, nukes, missles, aircraft, or naval vessels he was showing the horrible things that happen everyday. You're taking this way to literaly it's not black and white.
  16. He deserves jail time. Luckily, he's gonna get it. Period. Point blank.
  17. So we should punish those that point out corruption? If we do that who's left to stand against them? Noone that's who and that's exactly what they want. Just keep perpetuating disinformation and the spread of ignorance through mass media. No no they aren't trying to fool you at all everything they say must be true!
    The leadership  deserves jail time for forcing him  and the rest of the military ,to participate in illegal crimes
  19. CHILL OUT. You can't take what I say and run with it and turn it into something that is isn't. Lots of people here love doing that. If you want to get your point across, address the points that I made. Don't address the points you assume I'm making.

    The military has rules that are in place for a reason. If you break those rules, no matter if you're right or wrong, you deserve to be punished.

    You signed a contact and then you took an oath to protect and defend the constitution.

    When I saw something that was wrong when I was in the military, I tried my best to respect my superiors and take it up the correct channels like I said before.

    If you see something fucked up, I believe it's your duty to report it. But don't do it in a completely fucked up way and then expect not to be punished or not expect him to be punished.

    Like I said, it's the military. It's not a movie. He needs to be held accountable for breaking the law just like anyone else who breaks the law.
  20. Well like i said he should have gone about it in a better way and he's going to be punished no matter what. The government has killed people for doing the same. You said he should be punished and you're happy about it. My question is how many people see the same thing and don't speak up out of fear? it's just perpetuating cycle and someone has to be the one to step up and make the sacrifice. The more that come forward the less they can do to stop it. People need a wake up call and it needs to be a rude one.

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