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  1. I just took my mother plant outta the "hot-box" for a while and put her in the window. I guess I'm gonna smoke this bowl in front of me, write a paper, then who knows?

    Anyone have any ideas on what the F**K I could do today? I want to go on some sort of an adventure, maybe an aquarium? Gimme some ideas!
  2. smoke and get high, masturbate, fall asleep, wakeup and do it all over again.
  3. watch a movie?
  4. I have quite the collection of blu-ray DVD's, and I have seen each one about 3x each. I ruling watching movies out. I wanna get outta the house and do SOMETHING!

    As far as masturbating, well I'd perfer not so share on that subject. Let's just say I waste no time when I wakeup, so I'm good for the day. :D
  5. I get bored when high and just sitting. I like to do shit. I just took apart my computer sub amp and wired in my car sub. 12 Volt conversion. Always find something to do bro. There are millions of things to do, just depends on how fun you make it.


  6. quoted for truth.

    i browse the forums and listen to music
    i draw/paint,take photos(photoshopping is addicted)
    go out with friends
    read books
    go out for walks
    go dancing
    theres plenty of stuff to do .

    you can also go hiking if there are mountains near you and you like the outdoors..

    oh oh!!go to a museum
    museums(if youre intrested in what they expose ) are always fun.and its a great place to meet people..
  7. [​IMG]

    If you like aquariums and are bored I would recommend getting a planted aquarium, I have one and I breed crystal red shrimp in it and If I'm ever stoned and bored I can just watch it for hours, also there's always something you can do with it like prune the plants, re-position the landscape etc. The picture above is pretty standard but isn't mine and one like this would require a fair bit of maintenance, I have mine set up so that all I have to do is change some water occasionally and clean the filter, I don't even need to feed the shrimp.
    Here's a picture of the kind of shrimp I have
    and another cool tank
  8. If you have internet connection over 56k (Dial-Up)
    Then you have access to free movies, computer games, gaming system emulators, youtube videos, and television shows..

    It's all about knowing what to Google.
  9. & the museum wins. I am going in like 20 minutes to the local museum. Im not gonna say any names on here, but it's a VERY reputable one. I can't wait.

    I just wanted to hear what other people had to say.

    I have 2 fishtanks, lol, one salt and one fresh. Both are 55g & planted. I actually want to make a "bio-dome" setup in the near future. I want a small pond with fish, reptiles, and MJ plants all living in harmony, under a 600W HPS. I can't wait til the planning starts for that.
  10. you have to say which museum..common..:)

    glad i helped btw/
  11. & Mystic aquarium next weekend. Should be THRILLING! lol.

    **Both places require a 1638 miles drive, just for the record! But it seems worth it.
  12. like Peabody?natural history?

    if yes i am green with envy..
  13. Peabody at Yale. Yeah, DINO-BONES FTW!
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    take me with you?its just around 1900kms off your way..

    ok i googled it. its not that much..just 1,229 ..
    now i want to go to a museum too..
    but ill just smoke instead..

    last edit;have a great time:D
  15. Just to set today's mood. Anyone like Anberlin? If you've never heard them, check it out. Heres the song I'm listening to now.

  16. I can meet you there? lol. I have a LONG drive to get there already. :smoke:
  17. Here's some pics I took with a SHITTY camera! I was ripped, so excuse the poor quality. I had an AWESOME TIME!

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  18. They had a globe, that had some sort of lights on the inside, and allowed you to view current weather, ocean currents, and other cool shit. I took one pic with the flash, and it shows the globe minus the "internal" lighting. The second one is without a flash.

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  19. glad u had a great time:)

    and u did take pics,didnt expect u to

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