I am back forum and possibly better than ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nato Jenkins, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. I left you guys late last year. Theres a good reason for this. My computer fell off my bed and cracked. Then a few months later A hot as hell jamaican chick at my job gave me a brand new dell laptop. After I got back on I just didnt feel worthy of the forums anymore. To me the vibe had changed. I was mixed up with this dealer who i thought was my friend. She ended up mooching off of me, taking my money selling me dirt weed and generally pissing me off. So I kicked her to the curb.

    Well now more than a few months later I stumbled upon some truly special herb that i had been hoping for . Last night this kid i work with asked me to buy him two fosters. You know the shitty "australian for beer" beers? Well he likes em so I did. Then i asked him about a weed hookup. He immediatley gets on the horn to his guy who calls his guy and They gave me his number. Well i call him today and I tell him to meet me at 2.

    He doesnt show! I was pissed. Well i call him up and he apparently forgot. pssst stoners! Well after explaining to him where I lived like 5 times. He pulls up his car reeking of weed. I grab it, I give them the money and end of story. I honestly walked into my house with it in my pocket and the entire house stinks. EPIC WIN.

    thats what i call a happy ending.
  2. how did you leave us "late last year" when your join date is march 2011.
  3. who are you?

    oh and after reading that you have a gigantic ego. fuck off.
  4. Enjoy the smoke. Glad you ended up happy in the end.

  5. Prob meant school years

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