I am at My Wits End, Need Aeroponic Help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by op8man, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I have grown successfully many times but recently switch to an aeroponic unit. I am about to start my third run and on the first two had the same problem. My buds were very sparse and node length too long. The growth was fast. I had to move the light almost every day. The unit operates with sprayers that spray on the root pots. First thing I thought was temp. So I vented my lights and for the second run my temp lingered right around 72-75 degrees. Humidity at approx 50-65%. Using general hydroponics flora ferts and running them at 400-500 ppm them 700-800 once they had good growth. I shifted the formula as recommended during the flower. Running more Florabloom. I thought it could be my water so I went to bottled water. The strains grows with tight buds in other mediums. What the $#@% is going on. I cannot think of anything else. My solution is well oxygenated with two airstones. There was no real problems with algae. I am about to start again but dont want to have buds that are good smoke but little of it. The only thing I can think of is the spray interval. I run them at all times the first two runs. Also I am thinking that I would boost the ferts. First did not show any over fert symptoms. I wonder if I should run it at 10min on and 10min off or something similiar. PLEASE does anyone have any aero experience. Oh yea I also have good air movement, there are three fans.......one intake and one output then one to blow the air around. I know that the first thing to look at is distance from the light. Plants are under a 400HPS and 400MH with two CFL side lights. The plants are almost always almost touching the glass. With the cooling system it is fine there is no burn. Now do you see my problem. All the time invested and I cant get good nugs with this system and it should be the best. Plants were all sparse with all the strains. Aurora indica, White Widow, Northern lights, Sweet Dreams and Strawberry Kush. I really need some help guys. Anything that I havent thought of is well appreciated. I am seriuosly wondering if I even want to mess with it any more. Just go back to outdoor next year.

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