I am an alcoholic

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaherbtoker, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Regardless of how much much much I justify this drinking, it's a serious problem. Just quit? I always end up coming back.
  2. How often do you drink?
  3. poop...
  4. all together, Hi ganjaherbtoker
  5. Same here. I don't drink often but when I do, I can't stop and I get in trouble almost every fucking time. I've been arrested 3 times, all bcuz I was drunk. My dad's making me go to a counselor and AA meetings when I get home after the holidays.
  6. I was going through some of my old stuff that was in my parents basement for a lot of years and I found an AA book that was given to me by a sponsor when I was on probation. Would you like me to send it to you, O.P.?

  7. Pretty much every night, about 15 beers.
  8. Damn. Don't you feel like shit and hungover everyday?
  9. That's awfully generous of you, I'm sure OP would perhaps enjoy that for the holidays LOL.
  10. i know the feeling, not to drink but to an unmentionable.. but yeah it sucks but it beckons my name all day and night:(
  11. hey, just keep drinkin. that's what i do wghen i find myself in a rut. just bought a 8 dollar half gallon of a svedka knock off called rokk and it tastes pretty good. i reckon GC goes to do the same. :hello:

    but i'm on probo. other wise i just woulda smoked or somethin' , ya know
  12. Op your habit is not healthy man!

    I have lost some good people in my life due to alcoholism.

    You have to make a choice.
  13. Welcome to the club
  14. [quote name='"ganjaherbtoker"']Regardless of how much much much I justify this drinking, it's a serious problem. Just quit? I always end up coming back.[/quote]

    Tell a close friend and for the first weeks of withdrawl have them with you so you dont get tempted, stay busy with things besides drinking, im not gonna go all 12 steps religious cause thats stupid, it just requires a little self control, go to the gym and work out, just do stuff you love besides drinking alcohol to fill your time, i dis this little trick and it helped me
  15. yeah, i'd worry about my drinkin problem if it weren't for the fact i could possibly be fucked due to much more preferred drugs that i would rather ingest
  16. Knowing is half the battle. Good luck, be smart.
  17. More like half the bottle. :)
  18. I don't know if this classifies as being an alcoholic but I usually throw back a cold tall boy or two every night.

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