I Am All Metaphors

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Cos Mic, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. i am reiterating the metaphor with three quotes.

  2. I love that show. I love the opening song by Polaris too for the show.

    To answer this thread, I have no clue what I am, or even that I am. Having no clue is an act of knowing I have no clue so that doesnt make any sense either..

    heres my response: " ..... "
  3. [​IMG]

    I am evolving.
  4. I am the thing in the back of your mind, the nagging sensation that we all love to tug at and scratch at, and try to understand what it is, but never being able to find comfort in the realization that we learn more everyday about what IT is. :)
  5. I am a truncheon of tough stock
    and cumbersome when applied in a rage because justice cannot be found at the end of a fucking club
  6. [Behold the unbridled madness of...]

    I am a contraindication of contrarianism as a counter balance to a conflagration that was concocted by a cosmic consciousness in a current of creation. While the suns burn and the gods turn back their thoughts to times of trouble and tumult I am their ego and their id proudly arranged like a leggy squid. I am that hue around moonbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams in dreams of seamless screams.

    I am...

    [The sound of the exhale of my smoke is similar but backwards from my toke.]
  7. I am whatever you say I am because everyone has a unique perception of what is. I may be one thing to you and something all together different to your best friend. What you say I am is what I am to you. But Im still what I am to myself.
  8. [I sense a disturbance in the force.]

    I am------------------------------------------------>HIGH<----------------------------------as a I am in CYBERSPACE space cadets. I'm looking at this screen of light green and white and behold I conclude that I am nothing more than well lighted shadows. Splashed on lavish plastic and artificial artifice, ummmmmmmm benign to the indifferent but cruel to those that have souls. I am here looking for some semblance of hope, the slender barest thread of it, a spark, spark(ing), I hunger, and BeHoLd I moan.

    Shit son, I'm just trying to create a better world, one bong hit at a time

    [In the final summation, he was just high y'all, he was just as lit as lightning bolts.]

  9. I am a loner a zoner a toker a stoner
    I am that which was and that which is to come

    I am a blinking fly now here gone tomorrow
    I am a fool a tool a dude and a stranger

    I am kimberly beau and jeffrie's uncle
    I am stephies grandpa's uncle's brother

    I am Zeus almighty, I am Bruce almighty
    I am Bhuda i am confucious i am jesus i am mohammed

    I am all that ecnompasses truth

    I am he
  10. I am vocab.
  11. I am _____. The silence is deadly to mankind.
  12. I am a hard shell of a man, wrapped in the usual armaments
    of tough muscle and sinew, etched in a rugged frame and a lovely
    stereotype hung heavily around my FUCKING NECK.
  13. Tight ;)
  14. i am not a troll i am a Socratic philosopher
  15. I am better known as Docta J.
  16. .
    I am a comet careening towards a chasm that's akin to cosmic cough that chokes up
    kernels of controversy in chunks and clumps. Not the flash bluby kind of hip hype but more the kind that stirs up
    space dust and stuff along the interstellar rings of more than enough.
  17. a fuckin screw up that cant get his life straight
  18. I am changed.


    When thinking about the word 'interpenetration', I picture me and her, hugging each other, kissing, and each holding a knife that's buried in other's heart...


    I am relieved.
  19. I am not your rolling wheels
    I am the highway
    I am not your carpet ride
    I am the sky
    I am not your blowing wind
    I am the sky here
    I am not your automn moon
    I am the night
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