I am a virgin slayer!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by InferiorWang, May 3, 2003.

  1. Today I got a kid high for the first time. I'll give you a run down on my day. I had to get up for class at 10 today when wednesday was supposed to be the last day of class. So after I get out of my one class today I come back and get fried. Then I go eat lunch and come back and sit a while, staying stoned. Later I went for a walk and smoked a cigar. Came back and sat around for a while and ate dinner. Then I commenced waiting. I knew a friend was having a kegger tonight so I kill time and at about 10 I decided it's time to walk the mile to the party. I'm a little blazed from smoking all day but didn't bring any with me (damn my lack of foresight) So I was talking to a friend from high school who lived there and he said something about smoking and I mentioned I had some back in my room. He drove me back to get my last 1.5 grams of crap weed and a sleeve of crackers for munchies. We get back to the party and smoke a couple time. After a few hours of trying to make my pot last as long as possible, I was on my last bowl. My RA wanted me to let his friend take a hit. I had let a few others scavenge a hit or two and this guy is the friend of the greatest RA a guy could have so I let him hit it. He had never done that shit before. He got two or three good tokes before I ran out with me sharing my last bowl with the few people aroud me. Then we sit and talk for a while. I think I have a serious pothead in the making. I was there for his virgin hit, when he popped the cherry. I AM A VIRGIN SLAYER!!!
  2. hahaahaha!!!!!! thats pretty kewl! i have smoked out newbies before, but it was like there first time, and they didnt get high:(
  3. this guy got high. He had already had a few drinks so he was feeling ok. I almost forgot about this thread. I was slightly intoxicated and it was like 5 am when I started it.
  4. i actually smokedout a virgin last night..hah.... jinx u owe me a bongload.

  5. hehe, nice nice nice. yeah, it is fun when they start getting wobbly. tipsy topsy. i just laugh. ahhhhh. actually i got about half a dozen people in my school alone to be potheads. all on my own *bowes and takes seat


  6. lol, thats awesome supafly:D
  7. ya know.... now that i think about it........ i dont think i have ever got a no stoner stoned in my entire life!

    thats gotta b a goal of mine in life from now on in.


    digit thinks some more...


    woops... i take it back...

    there was this party when i was in college where i got three girls who had never smoked befroe to take a toke outta my blue tull bong.
  8. don't you people realize that now you have turned even more people into the evils of narcotics. sure it's only weed today, but when he wakes up tommorow with a sexual hunger like a bear recently out of hibernation, raveging every female in sight, you will not be so coy.

    and just ye wait till his lust for intoxication surpasses what weed can provide, he will go on to harder drugs. in a few years he'll be a homeless heroin junkie od'ing. you murderers.

    i pity you all, you, you, peopledestroyers.

  9. I got my sister stoned a few years ago-she's pretty gody goody so that was fun-she was hilarious. I got my friend stoned but it took like the 3rd time to feel anything which was Saturday night oh yes and my Mom! I got my Mom stoned and that was too funny-she had done it once like 30 years before. She won't do it again though because she got the munchies so bad that she pigged out and got sick to her stomach. I guess thats it.
  10. you got your *mother* stoned?? omg.

    i wish i could do that. my mother got ms. not hard, but it's still chronic, and sometimes it's worse than others. eventually she will be paralyzed and unable to move under own control. i've told here a thousand times that cannabis will probaly help. and if it doesn't there is no damage done.

    but no... she doesn't wan't to be an addict or junkie or something. "it's narcotics, it kills people!!"

    last x-mas when i was home i had a looksee in her medicine-cabinet. now there was some drugs that certainly kills people on a regular basis. morphine derivates and pain killers you wouldn't believe. i could go on. *sigh*. who's the addict?
  11. that topic title scared me... thought you were some sort of ritualistic virgin (in the sexual sense) killer on the run from the cops
  12. I just thought the title would be an eye catcher. Sadly, this thread hasn't gotten very many posts even tho it keeps almost dying and the coming back. I might try to get my little brother stoned soon. He's 16, and apparently he'll drink and he smokes cigars so it's only a matter of time before I corrupt him.
  13. definitely an eye-catcher. I thought you meant that you were going out and hunting down virgin girls/women whatever and taking their virginity type deal. Anyway yeah I got my Mom stoned. The only reason she tried it was because she has Crohn's disease which is an autoimmune disease just like M.S.(in case you didn't know). I feel so badly for her because she is always in pain and she has to take persocet just to slow her digestive system down and to take away the pain. She is an awesome person-she's a public health nurse(RN). Anyway that is the deal with that. Its so hard to see your Mom suffering and there isn't a damn thing you can do except be there.

    Zylark-sorry about your Mom man-I feel for you.


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