I Am A Total Newbie And I Need Help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by eome, Sep 30, 2001.

  1. RIght. I am totaly new to growing cannabis. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just type in anything i need to know. I do not want to grow a lot of bud but I do want to grow enough for about five people to use about once or twice a week. I have a chick incubation lamp as i have mentioned below. I have been told by people on other fourums that this should be sufficient for heat and light and I know where I am getting my seeds from now (CECK OUT THE SEED BANK FORUM IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THAT.) JUST PLEASE TELL ME ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT I MAY NEED AND WHY. WHAT KIND OF GROWTH I AM TRYING TO ENCORAGE IN MY PLANT- FLOWERS OR LEAVES? ETC. PLEASE JUST TELL ME ANYTHING. WHERE I CAN GET A GUIDE OR ANYTHING YOU LEARNED WHEN YOU STARTED TO GROW.... EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE- EVEN THE MOST EXPERIENCED GROWERS STARTED WITH PRACTICALY NO INFORMATION ON THE PLANT, IF THAT IS THEY FOLLOW MY LOGIC. I HAVE STARTED BY ASKING YOU PEOPLE. SO PLEASE... HELP
  2. WHICH BITS DO I HARVEST... THE LEAVES OR THE FLOWERS. I want it for use in a bong and cookies etc btw... I've only ever used a bong that has been pre packed by a friend of mine and when he packs a bong you can't tell what the hell it is? It may just be resin. By the time I've remembered that I need to ask him I'm pretty stoned and forget! I only see him every three months and he is a hard bastard to get hold of!!!


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