I am a new nauhgty girl here!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by naugthygirl_69, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Hey guys!

    I am new here. I never try it before but I would like to grow & use my own. I would like to receive some tips, tricks & advices. I have some question that maybe you can help me to answer them. If you are interested in talk with me here is my e-mail: Candy_mip@yahoo.com

  2. Welcome to the city naughtygirl 69. You'll find that the guys and gals around here will help with anything you need!
  3. Thanks guys for be kind with me. Here is my first question: Which weed do you recommend me & why? I am interested in grow a few plants because I am the president from a Sorority & I would like to have fun with the girls there.

  4. My bf read alot of books before he started his first grow. He decided with Northern Lights, because it doesn't smell as bad as some of the fruitier buds, and is a more stable strain than others, and is known for the ease of growing this strain.

    However about a week later we decided to grow more, and he got a blueberry clone, and a bubblegum/afghani funk-cross clone, and while they're growing a tad faster than the NL's are... they STINK(a good smell, unless you could be caught by anyone visiting and/or living with you)!

    good luck on the grow and welcome to the city! :)
  5. I am looking for a few websites that I found around where I can get some seed at a low prices without get caught. I don't understand when you talk about blueberry clone, and a bubblegum/afghani funk-cross clone. Befor I buy something I want to know what I am going to buy before take action.

  6. Hey guys!

    I find some interesting seeds in a store around the net. The prices there are low. From all the seeds there I make a list from the one that I like the description. I would like to know which one do you recommend me & why. I am a beginner so I really need help.

    1. Bc Skunk
    2. B Couch Lock
    3. Sweet Tooth
    4. White Widow
    5. Master Kush Indica

  7. i would go with couchlock it is fairly easy to grow, and it is a pretty good stone! whatever have fun.
  8. i'd go with the white widow for your first time, thats one of things im growing and it groes way fast
  9. Hey people just read the topic and i recently was cultivating sum white widow although i wouldnt really reccomend it for a first grow i would go with bag weed for a first grow so u can get all the mistakes out of the way and not mess up (wich ur bound to do) on ur strain wich is quite pricy but tahts just my opinion ..use it wisely young one...

  10. Hey, what site did you find those seeds at? You seed "low" prices. My friend HighAztec is growing some white widow's and he paid $50 for 10. I want to grow some, white widow's are pretty nice, but I don't want to pay $50 for 10 and end up recieving like 7 of them smashed and then the other 3 left all be males! So I want a cheap deal so I can pay a extra set to accomedate for the smashed ones you'd recieve, and the males
  11. bcseeds sells white widow seeds $50 cdn for 25 seeds

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