I am a lucky fucker

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  1. In addition to surviving a car crash today I also almost got into some trouble with the police. So I was at my boys house just chillin and he had a keg and a shit ton of ppl over so I was drinking and having a good time when suddenly the cops busted on in and caught everyone underage drinking and I hid a good chunk of ppl upstairs and as I'm coming down the stairs I see a cop and he says to me "Hey you, faggot int he purple shirt, you better get you and your underage friends asses out of this house as soon as possible or else every single one of you is getting an MIP, do you understand me?" [those were pretty much his exact words too] and I didn't want to start shit with a police officer while I was drunk so I just said "Yes officer I understand sir" and ran down into the basement> I was sittin gthere for like an hour and a half crammed into a washing machine hearing footsteps go by and I was afraid to come out then I got a text saying "where you at" and when I explained the situation the person told me the cops had left the house so I went upstairs and surprise I was the only person there. So thank god I did not get in any trouble whatsoever. No idea what happened to everyone else tho :/
  2. You hid in the washer?

  3. haha yeah man I was scared as fuck and didnt want them laws to find me so who thinks someone will hide in the washer? It was hella painful tho being cramped up in there in fetal position for an hour and a half
  4. An hour and a half is a really long time to spend in a clothes washer. At least you got all the leftover beer to yourself...right?
  5. At least you came clean.
  6. +rep, that's awesome.
  7. The things you will do when your drunk, lol. I can only imagine what it would have looked like if the same cop that yelled at you found you in the washer.:smoke:
  8. Dude, this happened to be before! I hid in an 100 degree Attic for 2 and a half hours before they left! Its an epic story, thread worthy imo:cool:

  9. lol literally.

    hey mom, i was in a car crash then i crammed myself in a washing machine. im a lucky fucker
  10. Damn dude that's epic.

    Did everyone else go to jail? Haha.
  11. Ma comes in and just starts the washer.

    "GOT DAMN"
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    I think I might have the wrong definition of lucky.
  13. Well not everyone, I guess the cops didn't want to spend all the time it wwould take to round everyone up so they let most of the ppl go, but the guy who owns teh house went to jail along with some people who started a fight which was the reason this whole incident took place
  14. I was texting my mom from the washing machine lol I got ripped apart today when she called me
  15. You must have been sketching balls hiding in that washer haha plus rep for a good read
  16. He told you to "get your asses out of this house as soon as possible," doesn't that mean you could have just left? :confused:
  17. That is where a funny little thing called 'choice' comes into play.
  18. There was another cop blocking the entrance of the door so there was no way I could leave
  19. Wait, what?

    So the cops tell you to leave the house, which you dont do because the cops are blocking the entrance?
  20. Oh yeah another thing that sucks that I forgot to mention is that I had a dime of that stanky stanky on me and when the cops came I threw it out a window so now I am down $20 and have no bud =[

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