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    So today me and my dad go to best buy to get a macbook for my sister, and I bought myself $250 bose speakers. I decided to smoke before we leave. Bad idea. I haven't smoked since april before that so I was very stoned. So we get there I buy my speakers and he buys the macbook. Now we have $1,600.00 worth of shit in the back seat. My dad wants to go and by some wine at pick n save and I said we should lock the shit up in the trunk. (I don't trust people much since I have had stuff stolen from me + I was paranoid from the weed) So we get out put everything in the trunk, lock the doors and go buy the wine. We get back to see the passenger door wide open. Me and my dad are like wtf. Then I remember by dumbass stoned self forgot to close the door. This was in a very busy parking lot by the way. We check and everything was still there. Man I would of been pissed if everything got stolen.

    Moral of the story: Close you're damn car door when you have over a grand and a half worth of electronics in you're car.
  2. Thats pretty funny shit surprised no one didnt shut it.
  3. This story wasn't very entertaining.
  4. i knew this would be on here.:smoking:
  5. yea that thing really has to go
  6. haha. glad nothing was stolen. i could see me doing something like that.. :eek:
  7. I've had my driver side window smashed in for $6 right in front of my house. My car's the only one on the block that has a flashing red light when the alarm's on. How the fuck..
  8. wow your a shithead

    i left my fridge door open a couple times though
  9. Ok....

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