I am a guy and I cry

Discussion in 'General' started by Makizushi, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. What is wrong with me?

    I get teary over all sorts of bullshit such as movies and what not. I don't see why I am like this, but it seems like even if there's a good inspirational commercial on, my eyes tear up..
  2. Maybe theres some sand in your vagina.
  3. some boys are just emotional man. no need to feel "gay" or "womanly." ever been to italy?
  4. its ok i cry to. no joke idk girls like it :p

  5. lol thats affectionate, theres a difference.

    anyways, you could have some female hormones or maybe your not actually a guy.

    idk ive never cried :rolleyes:
  6. Fag! Just kidding! Kinda!
  7. To clarify, I was born a male and I am not homosexual. :devious:
  8. Wall-E is my favorite movie, and I always tear up towards the end. :eek:

    Or maybe that's my robot fetish.
  9. I'm the same way too. Makes me wonder, but I don't really care all too much. Just a wider range of emotions I guess.
  10. Society has created many false ideals. One of them being gender roles, defining a man as strong and rigid. Crying is a normal human reaction that we males try to repress to conform to society out of fear of being labeled a homosexual. This thread and its responses pretty much proves my point.

  11. no, that's just the kissing. you'll find that American men are the most obsessed with all the macho bullshit.
  12. So your not dead in the head, yet?

    Maybe you should attend more NASCAR events. That'll kill your sensitivity in about 10 seconds!
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    Omg, you're an evil SOB!

    Haha, but really dude, you're just sensitive. Most girls would kill for a guy who cried along with them instead of laughing!
  14. i cried my heart out at the end of titanic with my gf....she thought it was cute, then we had sex

  15. it'll be ok, real men cry

  16. i think i would cry

    if i had anything to cry about
  17. "The last of the mohicans" makes me tear up.
  18. i have an answer for you. you might like the cock.
  19. Hahah I tear up if I take in a moment of my life that is mind blowingly awesome, or a sad movie, idgaf what anybody says, The Notebook is a sad movie.

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