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Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. So, I was at court from 3pm-nearly 7pm.

    The detective said I didn't cooperate, and that they should refuse to help me. I was then told to go back to my seat, and wait.

    I went outside, Tears in my eyes, and on the verge of losing my career. The anger, the betrayal...

    The prosecutor comes into the room, and calls my name, and I walk in.​

    He wanted to help me, and informed me " drug charges are almost NEVER dropped/lowered." Since I was joining the airforce, he was willing to compensate. I got it dropped to " Provoking the breaking of the Peace" and got a $100 fine + $33 in court fees.

    I hugged the prosecutor, for the second time, haha. It was a sight to see up infront of the judge. My recruiter and I, standing there, at ease waiting for the verdict. He agreed with it, Wished me good luck in the military, and I was a free man.

    I've never been so grateful in my life. I doubt I will smoke bud anymore after this. I nearly lost my career, my future over a stupid roach and grinder.

    So I get out of court, get home, and set up my Yayo connect for later this week :D.

    It's getting delivered, and I have nothing to worry about. My boy T has amazing shit, and will do it at $135 for 2.3 grams. My friend's boy will do two for $120...

    It's my last night of drugs soon, and I wanna do it right. I know T's shit is banging, and that he'll come to my house, come inside, and drop it off. 2 lines of his shit gets you YAKKED. I figure we'll each have 4-6 lines, if there's 4 of us. I got everything planned out.

    It's like a 6 block drive to my boy's house where we gonna do it. Open crib, and keeping the dome low. The other dude has cheaper shit, but it's not as good as T's, and we'd have to go to his place, he'd run outside, and we'd do it like that.

    And you know with my luck, a po-po will end up turning the corner right as we do it. I'd rather pay an extra $15.

    For $15 more, I'd get:
    The best Yayo I've had.
    It delivered.
    An extra .3 grams ( 1-3 lines).

    I'll probally be on GC and around late that night, well, probally around 12am. I'll be coked up out of my mind, and loving life if things go as planned. I do have one question...

    I'll have 11 days from the day after, until I ship out. Erowid says 6 days for a one time use of weed to be outa your system. I'm clean of THC, so It would be like that for me. You think it be worth taking 2-3 puffs to help my comedown from coke feel like heaven?
  2. Man, usually I don't comment on drug prices, but your gettin played like a game of basketball when it comes to coke prices man. 3.5 grams (an 8ball) of the bombest coke's prices shouldn't excede $120.

    Quitting weed, but doing coke? lol, that carries a heftier fine than marijuana does :p

    Good luck in the Air Force mayne!

  3. Sounds like you know what you should do.

    Our opinions should have no impact on your decision what-so-ever

    Great news BTW- I wish you the best of luck.

    Be safe- and have fun.
  4. Yeh man, Just seeing what people thought. I'm NOT gonna. A full pack of newports oughta help the comedown :p

    Awesome bro, Look at where you livin' and look at where I'm at.

    Coke goes for $60-$80 a gram here. You're lucky you got nice prices. Getting played? Not at all. I'm getting the best quality, Delivered to me, And a little extra in the bag. I don't mind paying for convience, quality, and a lil suttin suttin extra. But its nice that you can get your shit so cheap out there, wish we could here.
  5. Corrected your post.
  6. Holy shit what part of Jerzey are you from? I used to live in Bergen County and I've never seen prices like that b4. It's usually $130ish for a ball of fishscale, in bergen county or in harlem right over the bridge.

    Not talkin shit or anything though. If your happy with your prices then more power to you. I guess it's who you know. I have lots of "family friends" that sell it ahah, so maybe I just get a good deal?

  7. x2 agreed
  8. Haha, Im in southern Jersey. THe prices suck, but the quality is tops. It's allright man. It's my last go, and I don't mind dishing out $15 more to have shit delivered. Plus, that's an extra 3 lines.
  9. yeah I was gonna say Spaz, you need to chill with the yay man, but since your going into the air force/boot camp next week and it's your last "fling", enjoy yourself!
  10. I can pack a bowl for freedom...

    :D Congrats.
  11. Thanks Dude!

    Yeh Skunk, I was doing it like every weekend. While I could maintain it, All it takes is one slip up in my mind.

    This is my last fling. Hoping it goes as planned.
  12. I think this should say "I nearly lost my career, my future over our government's ridiculously unfair marijuana laws"
  13. Eh, regardless if it's a ridiculous amount of stupid laws... It's still the law right now. Blazing in a parked car in daylight=BAD IDEA.
  14. Nice one Spaz. Happy for you man. :smoke:

    Only 1-3 lines!?? I usually get a good couple outta only .3. You cutting up Tony Montana lines or what bro? :D

    Anyways, hope you go out having a blast man!
  15. Yes cocaine is overpriced on the east coast. You said you probably are never smoking weed again, but will you ever do cocaine again?

    It sucks that you aren't in California, cuz if the cops caught you with just a roach and a grinder here, I don't even think they would write the ticket.

    Good Luck bro and grats on the shit getting reduced.
  16. make sure that coke nite is the most awesomest night of your life dude. Go out in style! party on and peace
  17. Haha Yeh dude, I cut Thick ass lines. I'm going to try to cut thinner ones for tomorrow, but it just ain't my style :D

    Yeh, I'm actually doing coke tomorrow night. It's my "say goodbye to drugs, and hello to bootcamp and running 10 miles a day in Texas" haha. Wish I was there too homie.

    Haha, It's gonna be bro. TOP quality shit, the best within 3 hours of my Town. Got a house to chill at, Got the money rolled up already, haha. And I got a extra pack of newports I'm saving for that night. I'm all set. And I got the girl too. :D
  18. well, good to know your charges got dropped.
  19. Nah Spaz, he is right. 2 for 120... thats robbery.

    Watch out, that shit got ahold of me pretty fast. was up to almost a ball a day AGAIN. im done with it forever.

    The most ive ever paid for a ball of 1piece is 120.

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