I am a fish

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by g0pher, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I adjure you my brothers smoke the herb - or a bong, or a bowl, then dream of the ocean, the great blue ocean... now swim in it like a fish, gloo gloo gloo :smoke:
  2. hm....indeed....
  3. :eek::smoke: :D
  4. pretty much the same thing I thought.. then I did it:eek:.. gloooo gloo glooo

  5. Giggity gloo! :D
  6. I'll be trying this later tonight.
  7. If I were a fish I would be but a sea turtle.

    It's like, once they survive their initial early years of youth (when most susceptible to predators)...they live to ripe old ages, most often older than the oldest humans.

    I would be a teenage mutant sea turtle.
  8. This... is not even worth a comment.
  9. The life of a sea turtle, its always a wonder, how does it feel to be a fish in the sea?
    Cool, like riding down the current and just swiming in your world... now why did'nt natural selection equip us with gills ?

  10. Well, we have gills when in the womb, they just disappear.

    We can't be amphibians and mammals. It's one or the other for us, and it played out that we would be mammals. Dolphins are the closest thing to human fish, as they breathe air and don't have gills and are extremely intelligent.
  11. eh.. I tried the whole fish mentality thing

    it was a no go.
  12. I think a parrot would be cooler. You live up to 100 years, eat cool fruits and stuff, AND YOU CAN FLY!!!!

    Thats my $0.02
  13. Lions can have 30 orgasms a day, pigs can have 30 minute orgasms.

    I am a whale shark, traveling great distances just because.
  14. I am a big fat panda. I eat bamboooooo.
  15. I'm a sperm whale, I make the ocean salty.

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