I am a cloning failure.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mordgrow, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. 16 days after cutting

    stem after 16 days in rockwool

    no root signs at all. tops are yellowing badly .. the stem doesnt seem rotten, just not producing roots.

  2. there is ph twisting!

    what ph are you using?
    whats the rooting hormone?
    whats the mother in soil or hydro and whats her PH

    is this your water source?

  3. haha, come to think of it, my pre filters have needed changing for about 2 weeks, maybe the additional sulfer thats getting into my water is doing this?

    fek. i need to buy an RO set up, they seem to start fine in soil, maybe the soil absorbs the sulfer and when they are big enough it doesnt effect them enough to kill them,?...

    im still new at this,, im sure an RO system is the fix i need to look into
  4. not only that but doesnt your system add salt?

  5. i guess thas how it softens it yeah.. it runs through a brine bath, i'm not sure exactly how the proccess goes but i put a shitload of well spesific rock salt every 3 months or so..

    ive got some clearX anti salt build up.. would that do anything for me?
  6. there is another big part of your problems mordgrow

    salt kills plants
  7. I just tried recently to clone for the first time and had similar results with my first set of clones into rockwool.

    my problem was that i kept the rockwool too wet. if you think that might be an issue, try soaking the rockwool with water or nutrient solution or whatever and then gently shaking some of the water back out of it before inserting your clone with rooting hormone on the tip.

    you shouldn't have to water it for a couple days if you keep misting the leaves all day or use a humidity dome. i hear a little warmth underneath like for germinating seeds and not much light initially help too, although i put my successful clones right under 24/7 fluoros and no heat. i did use a dome though. some other clones didn't root after 7 days but i was keeping the rockwool soaked. as soon as i started letting it dry out a little roots started to form and the clones started coming back to life.
  8. I just use rockwool and use the basic pink rooting hormone, my ph was alittle high and after seeing bleaching on my leafs i got a ph tester and corrected my errors. Still should of shown some roots, mine root from 5 to 7 days and a good strong structure too. Seems the basics turn out awesome for cloning, hope the next ones work out.;)
  9. mordgrow, I think your problems are due to:

    1. waterlogged rw, squeeze the cube gently to get rid of the excess, then leave it. When it needs more water, either soak it and squeeze, or mist the cube. Don't leave it waterlogged, don't let it dry out.

    2. too much light. cuttings need only minimal light. if they get too much they use up the water which they cant replace, and you get yellow leaves. I put a sheet of paper over the propagator to cut light level, and they look much better for it.

    3. humidity. same thing, low humidity=water loss . keep them in a propagator with some water in the bottom, put the cuttings on top of something so they're not stood in the water. put the lid on. check them daily.

    I think your problems are 1 & 2 but if you follow 3, you can get near enough 100% success, healthy looking clones every time. I never use rooting gel etc, no ph adjustment, just tap water
  10. That's the problem I had. I was keeping the cubes too wet and weeks went by and no roots were growing. Then I read here in the forums to let the cubes dry between waterings (All B. Fuct, to give credit where it's due), and I switched from watering daily to watering every 2 or 3 days, and the roots grew huge and think almost instantly.

    Yeah, the two things I changed to get my own clones to work were to stop watering so frequently and to take the cuttings off 24/7 light and put them on 18/6. Making those changes made all the difference.
  11. from what i understand squeezing the rockwall breaks the "cells" and decreases the rockwool's ability to hold water and air. actually, mycroft just reminded me where i got my information too... Al B Fuct :) He's written some excellent cloning docs that are posted here. search for "clone" in the thread title and al as the author...
  12. i have been misting the cubes every day, i could see over weatering, but for some reason i thought you wanted it to be super wet, i mean hell i've rooted plants in a glass of water.

    I dont think its my water filter, the salt brine flushes the main water filter out every few days (this is how i keep from having to replace filters, and just replace salt), salt isnt actualy added to my water

    I just watched and copied the cloning video off of:

    Ganja Guerrilla

    so i ahve a set of soil clones (8 of em) started now. i'll try watering the 16day old ones less, but i think i may have wated too long to rescue em..

    Ganja G. you didnt mention a watering schedual for your clones, i have mine in a dome and the soil is still moist from the inital "mud" state i had it at.. i've been lifting the dome and getting fresh air in and misting once a day. but thats it..

    man this sucks. when my mister was working i never lost a cutting, now im back to the drawing board!

    I actualy did the rockwool clones based off Al B Fuct's clone thread :( but i havent been waterin them like he said, i just gave them a heavy misting (the rock wool cubes) maybe this is the wrong aproch as it gets the entire cube wet instead of just the bottom portion like he says to..
  13. its worth a shot, and for some reason the liquid gel never worked for me thats why i use the cheap pink stuff, my buddies use the gel and have had great results, where i am lost. Use a razor blade when taking the cuttings wet the cubes before placing the cuttings into the rockwool and mist everyday. I poked 2 small holes on top of the plastic dome, allowing alittle bit of air flow. Works for me if the cubes dry up fast, mist the base of the cube~ good luck
  14. I supose the water could be the issue, but i dont realy think ago. untill 1 month ago (justchecked my grow thread.. heh 8 - 17 - 2007 is when my clones started dieing) i havent been able to root anything

    before then, i was 35 out of 38, (92% success rate) but that was all with my mister. and now that the mister is failing me im the worst cloner evar!

    i'm going to let the rockwool clones dry a bit between waterings (2 or 3 days) see if that helps and change my pre filters for my water supply.

    I really need to get consistant at this, i want to start cloning upwards of 100 plants, and if i cant even get 12 to take,, well thats a bad sign!
  15. mordgrow

    I keep the soil damp to wet
  16. Hey Mord,

    I ran across this surfin google not to long ago. http://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/725-how-do-i-clone-marijuana.html - hope it's ok to post link - if not, I apologize in advance.

    Brought back memories of my grandmother. She always had plant cuttings sitting in a glass of water on the window seal and I remember they always rooted. Then she would plant them. I'm talking every kind of house plant and flower that there is.

    it's old school but works. The guy in the link still uses it and states a high success rate for roots. With your water situation there, maybe get a gallon of distilled water to clone with until you get an RO. Sounds like that Alaskan well water is rough....:D

    just an old school suggestion when all else fails.

  17. Hey mord, line is right its old school but it works as long as you keep the humidity high and some light on them they work. my first attempt at cloning worked not a problem just took the cutting put it in a shot glass of water and 10 days later i had mucho roots!
  18. yeah im thinkin upside down clear rubbermade tub with lid snapped and cuttings in water? hmm..
  19. that's a great thread, yes the recommended way is to shake the excess water out, but the salad spinner is a good idea. I do like Al too, just dipping the bottom part of the cube, depending on how dry it is.

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