I am a Baptist.

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  1. I am a Baptist, a born again Christian.

    But unlike many..MANY of my fellow Christian Republicans I do not think the government should legislate morality.I believe that separation of church and state is a two way street. I respect everyone's right to do in the privacy of their own home whatever it is they want, so long as they are not harming others.

    I am very proud of who I am and what I believe, I don't enjoy arguing with people of other religions or atheists. No body ever wins an argument, you both just end up hurt and bitter. I feel that if more Christians were loving, understanding and respectful in a non arrogant way that we as a whole wouldn't be looked down on as wife beating trailer park hypocrites.

    I will always seek out friendship in all people regardless of their beliefs, life is to short to do otherwise.
  2. Hell, based on the Bible it's what Jesus did isn't it? In fact, he pretty much refused to chill with the 'good' people of that time, and always chilled with the 'sinners.' I may not be religious, but people can DEFINITELY learn something from the way Jesus supposedly lived his life, yet typically believers just use the Bible to do the very thing that Jesus preached so strongly against.
  3. If Christian's actually lived their lives like Jesus did the world would be that much a better place. Can you imagine the differences with everyone?

    I'm a Baptist as well. I agree exactly with what you're saying and see arguing with people over religious things is just pointless. Gets nobody anywhere, as well as just putting you and possibly the other person in a bad mood. Seriously everytime I argue with someone I end up just being in a depressed/angry mood!

    It's a lot of the reason I avoided these forums for a while too. Seems most people with different beliefs enjoy arguing about anything..
  4. hahaha ok bud
  5. When I came to this thread I expected to see a poll do we could vote on something lol. I'm a former baptist

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