I am 6 days into flowering. Can I still make clones?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tennessee, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. My plants are just now starting to show sex. How long is too long to wait to make clones. I would like a few more clones than what I have. Thinking of making more. Just asking..

  2. youre best bet is really to take clones in the veg stage. i have never taken clones after starting my bloom but i would say you could give it a shot...the higher up you cut youre clone the better. i recommend a power cloner...chances are youre shit will deff root in 4days. good luck
  3. YES ! I have taken clones into flowering as far as 3 weeks. They actually take really well due to the fact the plant is sucking up phosphrus which is desired for rooting.

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  4. You can clone whenever you want! But I wouldn't suggest late in flower;)
  5. I just took one and it seems to be doing alright.

    I took a lower branch so I do not effect the yield.
  6. I've had cuttings root 7 weeks into flower, however they take a lot longer to revert to veg. Once they do revert, they will sometimes grow as many as 5-7 mainstems.

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