I am 23 and have never kissed a woman...how can I change this situation?

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  1. Well, when I graduated from high school I was 18 years old and had never had a girlfriend, but I was ok, always telling my self that eventually things would work out. Problem is that here I am, over 23 and I haven't even kissed a woman yet, I know that I am not that old, but I also know that now days a guy at my age is somewhat strange to never had a date.Believe me I've tried approaching women, and still do, I tried becoming friends first( completely inefficient if you ask me), tried cold approaches( at bars, clubs and school parties) , and rejections were all I got. I don't know what is driving women away, if it's my personality or my appearance. Personality wise I can tell you that I am quiet, not shy but reserved, and I am not that kind of person that would act all cocky and loud. I have always respected people and I am very honest and open. I really don't know where I have to change ...

    Am I missing a lot in life, never having had any kind of relationship?

    Do women really expect a guy my age to have some back ground on relationships, or is it just overrated?

    I hear people saying that today women approach guys and that is very easy to find a date, but seriously...I have never ever been approached, or saw a lady giving me that " green light" approach signal that everybody talks about it..do wome really make the first move?
  2. If your not ugly or anything bro then I would say that your kind of like not blowing it out of proportion but it's like an all in your head kinda thing you know? I would say you just need to have more confidence and show it women go crazy for confidence don't know why but they do it works trust me just give it a try and remember smiling is always good it creates openings to hellos and shit like that and that's how it all starts
  3. Nice guys finish last. Almost all girls grow up with dudes . Brothers fathers ECT... They know we pigs lol. Well when you first meet a girl or try to pick one up, don't be too nice. Makes em think you hiding something or being fake. Give em a compliment like that shirt really looks good on you, then say something ignorant like ,but it would look better on my floor.lol then say just kidding my name is xxxxxx don't you work at my bank. No ? Where u work at ? Now if you can keep her talking about herself you're good. Always spank the monkey before you go out too . I swear they can smell it.
  4. Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with you son?

    Call a fucking escort service right now and get fucked! Tell that woman to ride you like she hates you!
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    When youre trying to get a girl, playing the nice guy is the least efficient way to do it. Be more of a troublemaker, or act like one. Then once youre in a relationship you can go back to being the nice guy. I dunno, thats always worked for me :p
  6. Booze.

    Next question.
  7. There's nothing wrong with banging a whore.
  8. Bout 200 bucks should solve that problem...

    Cheaper if u are really desperate. :D
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    Ehh for nice, shy guys like you n me we are very disadvantaged. Somehow I was able to get a super hot girlfriend last year in high school. But she honestly was the hottest girl I ever talked to from my high school outside of school. I have girl friends, but just not from my school really. I always wondered why it took me til senior year to finally hook up with a girl from my school. It always seemed like the douchebags and guys who used girls got all of them. I'm just not like that. I was always down to mack on girls, its not like I'm afraid of girls-I've kissed them before, but they never seemed interested in me.

    I believe it is the shyness that led them away. For me, I got lucky. It's why my girlfriend first talked to me. She likes shy guys. But I guess a lot of girls dont? Sure seems like it.

    Best of luck to you and finding a girl. Try not to be shy, but be honest. Nice, honest guys that treat girls well are hard to come by. So if you are one of those people, be proud of it and trust me, you will find a great girl for you and get that first kiss. Just branch out and be confident
  10. its called chloraform learn it. live it. love it. it can be your best friend and your worst enemy. make sure not to inhale any yourself. remember to wear gloves and a hairnet with a skully over it. good luck my boy!
  11. are you going for girls that look like they spend to much on their cloths and say the word like after every 2 words and possibly watch bravo and pay attention to kim kardash and think the world revolves around these people and their problems and their problems. Then you're are probably going for girls that think they are out of your league and are still driving their daddies mercedes or the one they got em for their 16th birthday. Leave these sprayed on tan materalistic girls for the fake hip hop/rap thugs walking among us of all color and ethnicity that wear flat brimmed hats with the sticker still on and cant construe two sentences without saying some ebonics slang bullshit.

    You need to lower your standards possibly but dont think of it as lowering your standards your actually upping your standards by lowering them below the cultural bullshit we follow in this country. Try to meet that down to earth girl that can hold a conversation and OMGOSH even start one, and that has had her physical and mental battles before, find that one of substance not material substance inner substance try to find beauty in some asymmetrical aspects of the person not everything has to be symetrical to be beautiful everyone is beautiful in someones eyes. Hey even try dating online there are a lot of great sites out there now and a lot of people are doing it more then u might think.
  12. I dunno I've fucked over 20 girls and I'm bout your age. I've been having trouble finding a good girl myself
  13. /thread
  14. damn i made out with a chick in front of the whole bus in 5th grade :cool:

    go get some beer, drink it, walk to a party or bar, get more drunk and spit some game :cool: its easier drunk, believe everyone :wave:
  15. Go to an Xmas party and stand under the mistletoe!
  16. Dude, just go into porn!

    First, you'll have to do gay porn, which will be long and painful (lol get it?) but then you'll get to bang hot girls all day!
  17. KEep it classy as fuck, like storm crow said

  18. Aren't all girls whores deep inside? There is nothing wrong with paying for a piece of ass. Escorts are cheaper than wives.
  19. I am not a " nice guy" I am a good person but I'll stand my ground for my beliefs..also I am not a " bad boy"...I don't go around all arrogant and cocky bragging about my glorious feats. if what it takes is treating women like crap in order to get them attracted to you...I guess I'll be buying me some cats for the future...sometimes 1 is better than 2...
  20. I can give you an escort service number if you are in the Miami area.

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