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I Am #1

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. i am number one...proving that i am the most stoned, insomniac on the boards...and postin more everyday!!...

  2. good job now lets not hope its a bunch of haikus and nonsense.... heh... good job
  3. Does this effect my tax rate? What if you weren't a user... would our economy be in a better situation?

    What? More money flowing out of drug money and into the economy... this can't be right. You mean the government isn't cashing in on marijuana?!? What kind of bullshit is this!
  4. weed would help the economy so much right now.
  5. that's the truth dude, look at how much we spend on weed and then you just wonder why the government hasn't taken this perspective and pushed it.

    It's only because we're all afraid, we're all afraid and shouldn't be.
  6. ive said it before..if every mother fucking person that smokes, stood up on a designated day and smoked, regardless of where they were at, there is no fucking way that we could be stopped or 'dealt with'...

    and if we actually pushed the point of how much it would pump into the economy, so many people would realize it and help the cause...because what is everyone bitching about right now?..the economy.

  7. Well Duhhh!! You have had the most posts on this board for months now and you just now realized it???!!!???

    I guess all those days of sitting at home and smoking finally accomplished something my young friend.

    Congratulations ;)

    BTW, what about that little rinky-dink Alabama school (Troy State) whipping the Hawgs at Bud Walton Arena.
  8. how do you have time to post all that stuff? How could you possibly talk about 3000 things about weed? CRRAAAZYYY

  9. A day should be designated!
  10. be completely stoned, and tired, so im gonna go to bed...i had a bad high tonight...
  11. i preciate it critter, man it was rough last night, i think these precriptions were messin with me, they are just for my sinuses, but just my saliva last night was making me sick, and it was like weed enhanced that, then sounds and shit made me sick, it was bad, but i got a decent nights rest, listened to some music, now i feel better.

    and BPP whaddya expect from fresh team with a fresh coach, this is definately a re building year for the razorbacks...and ya know that modica kid, we graduated together, i thought it was funny as hell though, because in our class graduation picture, his face is blocked out..MR SUPERSTAR WASNT THE CENTER OF ATTENTION!!..oh well, i helped him cheat on tests, he gave me honeybuns..i figure it worked out.
  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    not sarcasm and general disregard.

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