I alwayz think about what my life could've been!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Young America...please make wise decisions in your life...because once you fuck that up you'll alwayz think about what your life could've been!!

    Shit...I just knew I was going to be somebody....but i fucked it up....and well...this is where I'm at now...smokin hella weed and drinkin hella drank...you know why?...becuz it erases my pain! I'm alwayz thinkin about what my life could've been if I would've listened to my gut feelins about certain situations!! Let me just say everyday I realize I stepped in shit that won't wipe off my shoe! Holla if ya hear me!!
  2. Your drinking and smoking for all the wrong reasons bro.
  3. Yeah, you are in control of your own life. Stop fucking up by abusing drugs and do something proactive.
  4. I'm sorry about your luck, I hope things get better for you.

    Now, its time to pick yourself up, stop making weed illegal (its because people cant use responsibly that its taking forever to legalize), and get on with your life. If we all cried boo who who who every time we fucked up then we would drown the world. But we cant do that now can we? We all make mistakes, some of us have spent jail time for it. But it doesn't mean that we should sit around and "spread the news" like your trying to do.

    So here is my "holla". I hear ya! Now dust yourself off and get back on the horse. Don't be one more statistic.
  5. dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?
  6. Sorry but you're the reason weed is frowned upon by some people. You make it seem like an escape... don't treat weed like that.

    Maybe you should stop drinking and smoking for a while and stay sober. When you've got a cloudy head it can make things alot worse. Hope everything works out, just don't blame weeeed, otherwise you'll piss me off :)
  7. I just fucking broke up laughing when i saw this, ahaha.

    Idk what dude up there is tripping over

    Sure its not the nicest thing but its not like he said he wanted to molest his mother, who cares
  8. He thought he was funny.. What a fail..
  9. Hah I wish I could carry that with me everywhere hahah.

    the give a fuck o meter that is
  10. damn, he was just trying to make an example of himself and warn others not to fall in to his path. no need to be bitches about it. all the hateful posters in this thread are truly pathetic.
  11. yeah mann weed and drinkin shouldnt be used because it erases ur pain...that my friend means u have a problem...if i were you bro id stay sober and get done wutever u need to get done .
  12. i wonder the same thing too man... and i'm only 18..
  13. yo, whats up newb from cali....
  14. Relax... looking at this dude's post he seemes like he's a bit of a sock puppet anyway...
  15. Your life is only fucked up because you think it is and you're convinced that society expects more from you. In the end you'll realize that society doesn't give a damn whether you've met its expectations or not, so do whatever makes YOU proud and don't regret it
  16. qft. +rep

    ^^this guy speaks words of wisdom
  17. :hello:
  18. you cant just throw your life away cus you fucked up and refuse to try to make better out of it by just drinking and smoking.
    its never too late to live a better life.

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