I Always See Messed Up Sh*t

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Do you see wierd or Messed up sh*t when your high?

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  1. Does this happen to anyone else, i swear every time you get high you are guarenteed to see some f*cked up shit.
    For example, me and my friends were on a high ride and we saw this house with a watering can made out of metal that was about 14ft tall. And then another time during christmas, of course on high ride, we passed this house that was so lit up and had tons of fake deer, peguins, snow man, etc. The house was on about 2 acres of land, and like every 2 ft there was a diffrent cut out or blow up christmas ournament. The list goes on and on, and I don't know if things are just more amusing when your high or if it just that you do more exploring when your high or if it is just a coincedence(sp).
  2. i swear whenever i did shrooms with these certain girlfriends of mine, the weirdest shit would happen. one time, this was so long ago, we were driving, where i don't remember, and we were on shrooms, i'm sure it was shrooms.anyways, all of a sudden this freak in his car is speeding through and he had no tire on his rim. lol.the rim was sparking omg it was way too friggin funny lol. on shrooms yet, like cooomme ooonnnnn!!!
  3. ah, come on luke you should of helped that chick out. was she hot?

  4. that's what i thought. sounds like she was gunna be gettin a serious spanking.

    was she hot lol.
  5. wierd shit always happens when i toke. once i was walking down this street with my friend and this car is going REALLY slow behind us and i don't want to turn around because it might be cops or something. they were behind us for like a whole minute going like 2 mph until finally they drove off.
  6. i was once ripped on shrooms with a buddy im some strange town my dad was livin in for a while a few years back.

    anyways, we are walking through town, and some red pickup fucking FLYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS past as, maybe 150-180 km/h

    few seconds later 4 cop cars peeeeeeeel around the corner after him. we watched them all tare down the road until they turned a few kilometers up.

    exciting, and cool to see while totally high on mush.
  7. sometimes i se shit, eg. i have this weedy poster and it sometimes moves to the music i swear. but most of the time i just hear shit. like voices. i always predict what they'll say and they say them. it's probably just the paranoia but they sound so life-like.
  8. I never here voice or see things that aren't there, i just seems when i get high i will see very unusual things, or things that are out of the ordinary, like a giant blow up winnie the pooh in someones front yard. (actually happended)
  9. actually one time i do remember having a hallucination. i had smoked a j. maybe not even the whole thing. can't remember. anyways, we used to live in this character home with these huge windows in front, there was a boulevard in the middle of the street with trees and flowers, so i'm lookin out my front window, and i swear i could see this sniper hiding behind a tree and running low to the bushes. i could see his gun and everything. it was like a human G.I. Joe. lol. that bud had to of been laced or something. lol.
  10. usually, me and my friends smoke in this little forest, near a hospital, but its like not really a forest, but it like kinda is, and theres a creek and shit, but anyway, the first time we smoked out there, we were leaving, and it was dark and like, there was this one tree that was fucking GLOWING orange, like bright ass orange, and my other friend saw it too, and then this other time i was just looking around, and like really far away, i totally thought i saw this like girl, wearing all white, and i got really scared
  11. I remember back in HS, it always seemed as though every time I got high, I was guaranteed to see someone I knew. And this always freaked me out because I didn't want anyone to know that I smoked. :/

  12. Human behavior disgusts me sometimes, I would have chased that fucker down the street in my car, you don't just ignore someone in trouble no matter what they look like.

    Some day you might be getting your ass chased by some crazy mother fucker and some 30 year old crack bitch in her car will just drive by laughing whilst thinking "I'm not gonna help that mangy fucking stoner kid". Then you'll get a rock in your racist fucking face and you'll deserve it.

  13. Hey man, shit happens. And if that shit just so happens to be in a bad part of town, with a disgruntled rock-wielding mexican chasing a crack bitch, I'm not about to step in. Call me evil, call me inhumane, call me a dirty bastard if you will, but my life's going fine and I don't want to possibly muck it up with a failed attempt to stop a mexican from beating a crack bitch. On the road called life there are many accidents. If you stop to help at one, you may become one.... ya know what I mean?
  14. One time i was up in this mountian town with a few friends. We were sitting a big rock that overlooked NYC and while we were blazing a group of wild turkeys came behind us 30 feet away. Yelling or squawking thos damn birds made alot of noise. It was the most random and bizarre thing. Its such a great story to tell.
  15. only sometimes when i'm really f*ckin' torn i see and hear, but mostly hear shit. this one time, my friends and i went out after a midterm and were smokin' some laced bud drivin' around cornfields and crap and even though the radio was off i kept hearing songs that i kinda knew but not really but i was hearing all the words and everything just like it was on the radio, but the radio was off. made me feel so f*cked up i got back to my dorm and did 4 hits of acid. sometime the next morning i finally started to come down and i deemed the night b4 the best high of my life..it still stands.
  16. This one time after i had a J to myself i started hearing voices and it sounded like a speaker fone, so i looked out the window and there was about 4 police cars and one guy getting arrested, I was laughing my ass off.
  17. Anyone play Zelda? You know the huge owl thing that guides you in that game? Well I was outside my friend's neighborhood once, and I swear I thought the branches in the trees 100yards away looked like they formed the huge owl. And I was so convinced that I could look away, look back, and see it still. Was weird.
  18. Funniest story i have about people seeing crazy shit is from last september i think. We were walking along this path at night and there were four of us. Anyway, we see this big lump of grass in this ditch and it was kinda out of place and shaped funny, but it was grass (just normal grass, not smokable, heh). Anyway my one friend flips out and thinks its a giant lizard! My other friend is like "dude, its just some grass" but the other one really still thought it was a giant reptile. My other friend is like "fine, I'll go over and kick it, its just some grass" but when he goes over to it, my friend that saw the "lizard" freaked out and tackled him cause he thought the lizard was going to eat him. I went over and kicked the suspicious lump. It was just grass. We had a good laugh at that. Damn we were baked after two big blunts between the four of us.
  19. DAMNNN BURNNEED. THAT GUY JUST BITCHED YOU OUT MAN. BUT STILL CRACK HEADS DONT HAVE MUCH OF a life anyway. if your a crack head, you diserve to be chased by anyone (mexican or not) with rocks and shit.
  20. Check it out man! i replied myself. awsome!

    ....sympathize im high again

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