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I always say I cant sleep without weed. But am i wrong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by joshclem, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Hi All

    I have been smoking weed every day for the past 6 years, specifically over 1g in the hour before bed or else i "cannot" sleep .

    This has limited my options in my life greatly, because I consider it impossible to sleep without weed.

    However - maybe it is all psychological? The only thing making me say this is I don't get in bed at night unless im absoloutley blasted or else I would just get up and smoke another one. However, if I smoked one at midnight on a weekday, woke up at 8am and realised I had work starting at 9.30am, I would be able to lie there, comfy as a duck and possibly even fall back to sleep. But I would not be stoned? Literally just that I would much rather be in bed than at work lol.

    The reason im talking about this is because after 6 years in a row my regular few dealers are finally all offline at the same time, so I can either call random people and beg for weed, or just find another damned way of falling asleep...
  2. More than likely psychological. When it comes to sleep it really isn't good to use any sleep aids. You become dependent on them usually. Be active during the day to tire your body down. Also going to bed at a regular time is very important. This gives you a natural body clock. First couple nights will be very hard to sleep. Just don't concentrate on the clock.

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  3. I hear the same thing from alot of my friends that have been smoking for 5+ years. Cannabis isn't physically addictive, so it is phycological. Personally, i never have noticed this issue but if you think about it makes sense. If you drink a cup of warm milk every night for years before bed then suddenly stop, of course you will notice its harder to sleep without it. You are breaking your routine, so yea you will notice a difference.

    You could see a doc about sleeping issues but all they are going to do is put u on some shitty meds. I recommend u jus stay on the bud honestly mann a lot safer. Im no doc just food for thought

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  4. I have the same thing. Its definitely psychological because if u lay in bed long enough with your eyes closed you will fall asleep at some point. Try taking some melatonin or something to help?
  5. Not only does MJ help induce sleep, it reduces the amount of REM sleep, and increases the time spent in the deep sleep phase of your sleep cycle. I've recently had to stop due to random testing being implemented at work. It's been 4 weeks now. I'm having crazy long dreams every night now and feel tired all day long. The 6 hrs of sleep I was getting every night is no longer cutting it. Funny how they say that drug use decreases productivity at work. I've found the opposite to be true.

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  6. Its your mindset. I go through periods where I just don't want to touch the stuff and sleep fine. Usually when im in the mood to smoke itll be hard to fall asleep w/o
  7. I usually notice the first night or two without I might have some issues with sleep, because I mostly smoke before bed. Prefer it, as well, so I do notice when I don't. After those couple of days though, I really don't have any trouble with sleeping. This is all to say that yeah, it's half psychological and half preference. In the future, try portioning out a section of your bag when you very first get it that's just for bedtime, and see what happens. Best of luck!

  8. Why don't u smoke like 2-3 hours before bed to experience all phases of the high and hopefully be tired enough to sleep when ur coming down. May have less effect on your REM sleep
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  9. This is actually true, but of course all of us stoners won't accept it. Weed does not make you more predoctive. Maybe to some but not the majority .

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