I Also Miss The Blue Notification Arrow =(

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 23, 2013.

  1. The new red one is okay, but I still long to see the blue arrow again.  I miss discovering whether I got a new like, or on those rare but beautiful occasions, a new reputation point.  Sometimes they were just messages, but that's okay.

  2. I woke and boke today.
  3. Me too bro
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    me three. currently baking. i also feel like i have to "like" things more. due to the absence of Rep. they'll find a way to integrate it back... theres a reason they went with this new setup...
  5. I would join in on the woke and boke club, but am dry :(

    I kinda like the red, reminds me of a sale lol.
  6. ME FOUR! WOo0oO0OooOoo0OO!!!!!!!!1111one

    But yeah, I miss it too haha. It was nice to get +rep purely for the little personal messages people left. I'm not hugely affected by the change though.
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    Who's higher than this cat form their woke and boke?
  8. How do you give rep now? Cant find it.
    You don't.
  10. I miss the good ol' days when pointless threads were just annihilated the second they were created, like a laser beam almost just pew pew pew pew pew threads gone
  11. this thread gave me cancer
    thanks a lot bro

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