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I already searched !

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by TexasWilly, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. but thats besides the point-I like asking ?'s in organic anyway :)

    So...What is the difference in a pre-flower and an (actual?) flower?

    But first: What brings me to this question:

    I located a few pistils during 24/0 and a quickly assumed I had autoflowering plants (from bagseed)

    but then I read somewhere that its possible that the plant could still be in veg and that this is normal.

    for my own crazy reasons, I began to like the idea of autoflower and I was looking forward to 24/0 full time, but now I'm wondering if maybe that wont do anything but continue the veg.

    Whats the deal here?

  2. Whats your lighting situation like?
  3. Odds are your bagseed is not autoflowering. Sorry to burst that bubble but someone had to do it. however, Your plant could be exhibiting maturity and readiness to flower. How long have they been in veg?

  4. Pre-flowers are the way the plant exhibits sexual maturity. Usually by the 8th to the 10th node, pre-flowers will have developed.

    You can force a plant to show sex earlier by manipulating the photoperiod, but if you intend to veg it to a bigger size it can stall the plant's growth for a time.

    When starting from seed, I will always let the plant develop naturally until I can sex it. Once I determine it's sex, I then decide whether to keep any of the males and then cull any male that isn't desirable.

    I'm in agreement with VooDoom......I doubt you're dealing with an autoflowering strain.


  5. thanks :)

    its all good, I was actually scared that if it was auto flower I might not get to try my nirvana WW, as soon. Which i am getting more excited about.

    2 months veg :) (But slow because I burnt them with a 50% manure rookie mix :) Dont hate. It Seemed like an excellent way to beat the system with intellegence at the time lol.
  6. 400 tubed hps
  7. 2 months of veg yes you are seeing signs of maturity no worries.

  8. I killed so many plants using too hot soil. I think everyone has toasted a few, me, a bunch. No hate here.

    Is everything really bigger in Texas Willy ? :ey:

  9. It may be, but everything is sexier in California. ;)
  10. #10 SkunkPatronus, Feb 10, 2012
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    But everything is wetter in Washington :D

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