I almost want to join the army...

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Weed fields in Afghanistan as far as the eye can see

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  2. thats wild. i heard they Gonna have a draft maby it wont be so bad.
  3. Fuck the draft
  4. damn. i'd be high as fuck 24/7 if i was out in them feilds. god damn is it beautiful.
  5. here comes a lot of anti bush or anti war retoric and bashing ... all i say is if people want to fight that war support them and let them decide to risk their life for that war if they want...
  6. ya if u were high 24/7 there you would most likely get shot to death its not joke out there
  7. I am definitely moving to canada if there is a draft. I am planning on doing it anyway, so it would just motivate me to get there faster.
  8. damn right! if some how a draft comes about im moving to canada
  9. wonder how many millions/billions that is all worth?
  10. Canada won't help you, they will extradite.
  11. ya no wonder the terrorists are so pissed we are there we are not only gonna take all their oil but their weed too lol

  12. He said "fuck the draft", do you understand the concept of what a draft is? It wouldn't be people fighting voluntarily, and if you're a healthy male aged 18-25 you might be going too.

  13. Heh, the irony [​IMG]
  14. mAN IF THERES a draft, Im headed to canada, to hell with that shit.

    But yeah, my brother was in the marines, dude told me they burn most of the pot fields the come across out there. He got kicked out because he was smoking weed(to get kicked out) didnt wanna go back to iraq.

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