I almost lost it at a party last weekend...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chronic 2001, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. So I was at this party way up in the hills...the view of LA was fuckin amazing, never seen anything like it. It was a crisp clear night filled with alot of fun.

    Before I got out of the car my boy and I lit up a joint to get a little buzz goin. We looked around the car, got out and strolled into the party.
    We got in there and the first thing we saw was this HOT ass girl dancing on a pole...so I'm thinkin, this is going to be an amazing night (I had 4 blunts tucked away in my jacket pocket).

    A few hours pass, it's about 2:45am and I hear a siren coming up the hill. Havin smoked 3 blunts already I freaked out and ran outside to see what was happening.

    I knew they weren't coming to get me specifically but there was so much herb going around at that party that I needed to get out of there, so I rounded up the people that I was supposed to be taking home and we ran full speed out the back door.

    As we were running out I hear some cop on a bull-horn say, "Turn the lights on and the music off, it's time to go home".

    We reached the bottom of the driveway and there were like 10 cops checkin people's pockets and shit. So I turned around and went to go sit in some bushes by the house cuz I didn't want to throw out that last blunt.

    While I was sitting in that bush I saw the ambulance loading someone into the back...he looked dead...later I found out he had alcohol poisoning...I started sweating bullets and I felt like everything was closing in on me.

    Just as all the pigs were pullin away I heard one of them say check the bushes to see if anyone is hiding. I almost busted out into a full sprint but I figured that would be the worst thing I could do so I pulled my jacket over my head, pulled the blunt out of my pocket and placed it under a branch. I closed my eyes thinking that would help them not find me.

    Apparently I did a good job hiding myself cuz I woke up that next morning in the bush with the jacket over my head. I had fallen asleep hiding from the cops...lmao. I grabbed the blunt, and pulled out my cell phone. I had like 12 messages from the guys I was takin home, they thought I had been busted.

    LOL, crazy night...
  2. haha you are harry potter, you have an invisible cloak. Haha, i thought cops were vigilant in busting people. Well, as long as you got away. Dont use your jacket for the wrong powers.... haha


  3. did u spark up the blunt right after :)

  4. i sure hope he did, that like the cherry on the top :p

    sounds like it was a killer night man, and like wookies said, dont use that jacket for the dark side!

  5. Oh, I definetly lit that baby up as soon as I realized how lucky I was...fastest I've ever smoked a blunt in my life.
  6. Oh fuck that is fuuuuunny shit. ahaha! nice man, nice. I wish we would all be that fortunate in similar situations.
  7. damn i wish i was you...i need a rush like that
  8. i hate it, but its true, this always happens to me
    if i cant see me doing it, i dont think other people will.

    One time i went to a party and i thought i was gnona get head, but the girl just did foreplay and never finished the job, so i was horny as fuck. She left and i walked over to the pool. No one was there, started jacking off. As i was almost done, like 6 people came out, but i just looked to the distance thinking that if i didnt see myself doing it no one else would. Well it ended up with me being called a lil fagget lol. But it was ait. Word got around bout the girth of my dick =D

  9. wait, u just pulled it out and started jerkin, jeez, u must be a lonley guy, or a perverted one haha j/p....sorta
  10. LMAO @ dreeker.
  11. Just recently me and some mates went to the incubus concert...so i thought that a quarter rolled into joints would make it a much better experiance...well me and a mate rolled em all up i had like 9 skinnies and he had like 5 fatties...we were gonna put em the same bag but i said that we should split em up incase one of use loses em..so we did...we got to the front of the Hall where it was held and saw security patting ppl down n shit....so we dacked em..we got in there and we sat down waiting for the support act to come on..as soon as they came on we got up and walked over to the crowd...i pulled mine out and put em in my pocket..my mate went to do the same but he lost....probably when we got up and walked over...he went back to check but they were long gone...some lucky bastard woulda though it was a find of the centery...atleast i didnt give him mine to look after...and the concert kicked so much ass i had a ball.
  12. thats gross dreeker
  13. AHAHAHAHAHAH Dreeker just stole this thread. nice fuckn story.
  14. lmao, way to go dreeker!
  15. wow haha lmao that must have been a pretty crazy night... i enjoyed reading the story and am happy u made it out... that must have been pretty funny waking up in the bushes the next morning...
  16. wonder if anyone of the neighbors saw you... "Look honey, that weird guy is still hiding in the bushes!"

    and dreeker, nice fuckin story man, laughed my ass off!
  17. dreeker that is so sad lmfao
  18. Hmm...pools...jacking off. I heard a good story that involved both of these a while back. I think it an urban legend, but it goes like this. At a public pool, two teens were playing, one male, one female, the male jacked off in to the water and a week later the girl turned out pregnant.

    Possible?............. No. Still funny as fuck stoned tho. ;)

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