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I Almost Had a Lesbian Experience.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xtiffany, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. lawls i agree :hello:
  2. I forgot this existed :eek:
  3. I thought you got some and you were going to tell us about it.
  4. I have lesbians moments with my friends that are girls :] Quite a few actually.
  5. and we aren't friends because...? :devious:
  6. you know how to make a thread popular with this kind of title
  7. OH GOD
    im ready for some forum sex

    let me use my telePUSSYY to call flowerchild and tiffany and zoranj to me

  8. :eek: . . . -hurk-

  9. a fellow bi???


  10. I suddenly felt a magnetic force drawing me to this thread. Hmm.. must have been Bliss's TELEPussy skills.

  11. OH SHIT!!

    look at that guys!
    it worked!!!!
    im fuckinng great
    im feeling great
    i love drugs
    and laezbian sexx
    lets fuck
    all over thiss thread
    im gunna bend u over this thread
    and fuck ur brains out zoranj
  12. One dollar to view this thread and G.C. will not need any more donations...


  13. QFT :hello:
  14. Okay Im too lazy to even read though all this thread...mostly because its a lot of guys jerkin' it thinking about that...lol theres a visual for ya! :D

    But honestly if your really good friends I don't think anything even some fun would be awkward. Ive had loads of fun with friends...that are girls (and Im a guy) and its not awkward at all we still can chill, and have our fun, and not be weirded out by these things just because sexuality should never lead to awkwardness...if you dont feel awkward or atleast pretend you dont then they will do the same, and then it really wont be awkward, and then you can have your lesbo moment with your bff, and laugh with her about the memories.

    Thats my 2 cents...
    Peace and hope everyones keyboards cum clean

  15. Wish i had a lesbian experience but i am a guy lol but if i was a girl and had a friend and had a experience all would be cool
  16. LOL You girls better watch out Bliss is one feisty little devil =P
    You should tell them about how i hooked you and Casey up after prom ;)
  17. i am in complete agreement my friendd :smoke:
  18. #258 iSmokeLI, Apr 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 19, 2009
    Oh yes a sticky would be greatly appreciated mods :D

    My favorite ever.
  19. ending sucked. what am i supposed to do with this erection?
  20. To the picture thread!!!!!!!


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