I almost got arrested tonite

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    • So its 3:30 Sept.12 and this is how it goes. I was almost caught with dank on me about 20 min ago. I was hanging out with my friends bored cuz the party we went to got busted. The cop were just acting dumb. Telling everyone to leave so we left. We chilled at my friends and just smoked cuz there was nothing to do. So one of my friends was like let smoke at the place where they demolished a hotel. Ok sounds like a good idea nope. We get there and were walking around throwing rocks at the windows that they hadn't demolished. Smoking it up, having a good time, walking back to the car. Then a cop drives buy and sees use and turns around. We run to this big dumpther and hide. I throw my pipe into the rocks and I think it broke. I throw the weed behind me where we were standing. the cop pulls up he shined his lights and miss us so we think were good. He's backing up then pulls forward at a different angle shines it, and were caught. we give him are ID and another cops shows up and goes and checks where we were.I'm so thinking I'm gonna get caught. But he doesn't find anything and we get off the hook. Fml though I lost a pipe and some dank cinderalla 99. I'm going back tomorrow.

  2. Ive said it a million times before and Ill say it again, just smoke at friend's houses/your house.

  3. We usual do but not tonight and it sucked. But I'm stilled stone right now after all that
  4. One time I thought to myself, why the fuck am I taking risks smoking outside when its safe inside. In January 2008 I cut class with some friends to smoke (and I know OSG would have something to say about that, but it was just a one time thing, at the very beginning of winter quarter) so it was about 2:30 pm in a park with some kind of boardwalks that had a center part and like 5-6 branching out parts. We went to the end of one of them where we could see people coming. Me and 2 friends smoked a nice blunt, and we were all baked as fuck, and it was great. But I thought to myself, why am I taking these risks? Smoking at home/friends houses is fine. Since then I have only smoked outdoors once, not counting being right next to my house in the middle of the night.
  5. aww u missin out if u ONLY smoke indoors...obviously indoors is safest but theres nothing like an outdoor toke

    just make sure its a safe place,not at a abandoned demolition site,breaking windows in the middle of the night...come on common sense..
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    Im not saying you cant be high outside, just dont smoke outside. Like at this one house where I almost always go to smoke, I usually go outside to smoke cigs and stuff while Im high (even though I can smoke them inside) just to be outside while blazed. Also if you get too high or need water or food or bathroom its all right there. Being outside is a simple as opening the door before you are sober. Now that I think about it Im not sure if I was thinking about the risks while I was high that time at that park I was writing about. But I think I was thinking about the risk afterwards, and some close calls I have had at parks (one time me and another friend got yelled at for being at a park after hours, guy didnt say anything about weed, but we were there smoking and we were high when we were yelled at) and I just decided, fuck it, its not worth it anymore.
  7. Oh I'm never gonna do that again. Its just me and my friends always come up with spots to go smoke, cuz when we first started smoking we couldn't smoke at home,

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