i almost fucked up

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  1. alright before i begin i feel it neseccary that you know this. First of all i had like half an ounce at school one day and somebody snitched and i got searched. I got kicked out of school and sent to a youth development acadamy. Well anyways they finally let me come back to school and i got my schedule. well one of my classes was pottery and i had the genious idea to try and pull a fast one and make a bong but pass it off as some kind of project. Well anyways my teacher wasnt a complete dumbass so when i go to get it after he was supposed to fire it he tells me he broke it:(. So later on im at football practice and he calls me Mr. Bong. at this point i was like oh shit cuz if i got in trouble again i was fucked but he was pretty chill and didnt report it or nothin.

    ps. he moved this year :( lol i kinda thought he was cool for lettin me off the hook wat do ya'll think
  2. No offense, but that was just stupid.
    You know you cant get in trouble, yet you do something...to gain the attention of others, jeporadizing your safety at school.

    welcome to the city BTW.
  3. thats high school man!
    in college, they would let u make bongs!! and dont give a shit bout it
  4. Sounds like we got a youngin.... the bong is just paraphernalia so I cant imagine it being a big deal.. And maybe he did accidentally break it and is cool wit it... But dooooooode seriously wait till your older. Focus on school and the weed will come after you make a life for yourself.. It should not cut into your schooling or be a part of it till your an adult..
  5. Dont bring weed to school thats just stuuuuupid. I dont even smoke at school. Now for making a bong or pipe in an art class the teachers usually dont care but it really depends. :p
  6. in high school, hell no, teachers wont accept that, high school is a no drug zone, even u make bongs and pipes, it still NO DRUG ZONE
  7. well anyways im not a complete fuckin retard even while smoking i kept above a 3.0 gpa which is like a B average also i stopped smokin i figured it wasnt worth ruining the relationship with my family and making a bad rep for myself and yes since i stopped i wanna smoke again but im hangin in there

    :smoking:i wish
  8. You just have to moderate yourself. Don't smoke too much, but also don't smoke nothing at all.
  9. I've heard this story before... I'm sure of it... Sure you didn't make a new account and post this for attention????
  10. in high school i made a tiki head out of clay

    and you could pack the mouth and hit it out the back of the head

    got a b+ for creativity

    and a a+ for getting stoned out of it
  11. Dude we had 2 art teachers in high school that covered everything, like painting, ceramics, etc. And people would make pipes and shit int here all the time because they didn't care, they were both blatant hippy's, and alot of the students, myself included actually smoke with one of them.
  12. You have eternally fucked up your entire life.
    Good job man. Better hope you get drafted for the NFL or something, your only chance!

  13. How fucking random.

    And now to Ollie with the Black-U-Weather forcast.



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