i almost died tonight!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WL-Jeff, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. from laughter!!

    so i was at my boy brandon's party tonight and there is this really hot girl nicole there, gettin drunk like everyone else, dancing have a good time.. anyways, this 90lb hottie nicole is sitting there dancing and she shoe causes her to take a fall to the couch... funny, but thats nothing.... as she is gettin up, brandon's 120 pitbull sees a perfect chance to jump on the back of a hot peice of ass.. and sure enough, as she is gettin up, Jessie (the dog) gets a super grip around Nicole's waste and just starts going to town... and when i say he goes to town, i fucking
    mean it... he is just tryin to tear it up... and poor little 90lb Nicole is helpless, this 120lb dog just over powers here by alot... this goes on for about 3mins straight while everyone there watches in tears laughing at what they are witenessing... brandon just so happens to be in the garage for the most of the time and when he walks in to see his dog beatin it up, he just hits the floor from laughing so hard, nobody does anything to help this poor girl, not even me..

    after the dog finishes with his business, he lets her go only to have her fall to the floor in embaressment.. we all have been pokin fun at brandon for the night because he has been tryin to get with this girl for months and his dog did it within seconds...lol..

    good times...good times!
  2. dude no fucking way....... are you saying..... the dog...... the girl..... :confused: :confused: :eek: ..... no way man... just no way.... im sorry, i can't beleive that.... but if that really happened..... damn dude....... dammmmmn.... you guys sat there and laughed for 3 minutes?...... thats kinda sick.....
  3. the dog like dry humped her fool, not like actual sex...
  4. well he needed to specify then...... hazey skies make for assuming minds.
  5. haha oh buddy i have a story to top that:

    this was years ago, first year of highschool.

    Me and a bunch of buddies were all stoned, laying in the park in the middle of the night, enjoying the buzz, talking, whatever.

    Out of the dark, this crazy horny stray dog runs out with this boner and intantly start humping a friend named graham.

    before the kid can get up and push the dog away the dog jizzez on the kids shirt. no joke.

    That dog is the best creature to ever walk the earth! The little bastard knew what he wanted and just went for it.

    Haha rep + for that story though, it made my day, awesome/terrible visual. :hello:
  6. now rastaman, that sure tops my story, but im sure the feeling was nutural, it was crazy, out of nowhere his dog just jumps this little chick and starts tryin to tear it up.

    and Smoken Souljah:

    god no he didnt actually hit it, but dry humped the hell out of her... jeez man :-/
  7. oh god im dying of laughter +rep
  8. Hahaha Thats Funny As Fuckk+ Rep
  9. Rape is no laughing matter sir...

    jk that was pretty funny. :D
  10. hahaha, I cracked up because I can totally picture it. I'd be laughing too, but I prob woulda tried to help her... maybe I woulda tap'd dat... ;)
  11. kigy is right, rape is no laughing matter, unless your raping a clown
  12. Wow, that poor girl. I would've helped her. That's such an embarassing thing to have happen to you.
  13. The best part is how everyone just kinda watched it happen. +rep for making me laugh hard.
  14. hahah that was a great story +rep
  15. hahahah thats good shit.

    My dalmation is pretty fucked up in the head i must say... I can only think of one time where SHE got busy with a friends leg, but my dog litterally mounts my MALE CAT (who is also cross-eyed) allll the damn time and theres no stopping her
  16. Yo rasta man thats funny but nasy as shit I would killed that dog if it busted a nut on me
  17. hahaha thats hilarious. I would've helped the girl though. and got some pussy:rolleyes:
  18. I wouldn't have tried to help her... stick my hand near a 120lb pitbull going to town... I value my fingers too much!

  19. ...and get the dog's seconds? pshhh..


    it was too much, i got like 9 phone calls today all related to the dog and nicole... lol.. pwnt

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