I allmost put my foot in a sandle that was full of dogshit today

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. it was looking like rain,,so i was going to slip on my ladyfriends sandles and run outside to roll the windows up,,,,

    man,,i stuck one foot in a sandel,,and looked down as my other foot was headed there,,,,,and the shoe was full of dogshit,,,{ these sandels are black}

    so i allmost didnt see it,,,, god i'd have killed this shit-eating boston terrier if i'd have slipped my foot in his poot,,,,,uuuggh....

    at first i thought,,,hhmmm?

    being as how my mind works,,,,i should leave the shoes there,, and wait for her to slip her foot in some dogpoop...

    but shes at work tonight,, and i cant wait till morning the smell would kill me,,,,so i put the shoes on the porch,,,it's rained real good on them but they still aint coming in the house,,,,

    should i have set her up?

    or did i do the right thing ?:cool:
  2. I think you did the right thing. No one likes to step in dogshit.
  3. If it weren't for the smell, I'd say you should have set her up.

    Not really, I would've done what you did :smoking:
  4. duuuude...

    why intervene in what fate had painstakingly planned out?

  5. LOL! You could always just deliver it to someone else..

    It's good to be observant about where your feet go.
  6. Hahaha yes! It was meant to be, I think the smell would be a small price to pay for a priceless moment. Just be careful if she finds out you knew it was there, make sure she can't reach anything painful to throw at you.
  7. im sure she will be glad that you didnt just let her step in a pile of dog shit man!
  8. depends man,

    the wrong thing. .

    there is no wrong thing, only a path that would present more difficulty,

    hows that for cranapple juice?
  9. Should you have set her up? That depends on whether or not you feel like masturbating rather than having sex for the next few weeks.

  10. Wait so a dog actually walked over to the sandel and defecated onto the sandel? If so then that is one badass dog
  11. You did the right thing =D

    The right thing ain't always fun though!
  12. Take pics of the poop.
    Clean up the poop.
    Show her the pics of the poop and say" See?, I cleaned up your shit too!"

    Guaranteed Appreciation.:D
  13. you did the right thing man, i would kick your ass if you did that to me lol
  14. That's kind of the point. ;)

    Change of hearts are for the weak.
  15. boston terriers are the shit
  16. :d/////////////////
  17. I would have gone for it but Karma is always a bitch

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