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i aint that dumb am i?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by easy rider, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. ...a couple weeks back i needed some money to so i could smoke som blunts.. this guy calls me asking if i have ne alcohol... well i had a bout a 1/3r d bottle of gin left... so i watered down another 1/3rd with water... and thew in some other shit... i had.... not exactly the nicest thing ya can do.... (pretty dick actualy :( now i just feel ashamed...)

    ..but anyway this guy was bticihng about how he wants his mney back or another bottle of alcohol.. i just ignored him seeing as i had niether... so today he wants some bud he says ...lol woow.. hes being nice all of a sudden...

    ..how much i ask... "everything you gout" LOL.... um ...k... ya you dont sound like your gonna try and jack me... so he goes from being pissed to comepltely forgetting about it and wanting some buddah...

    i thought about paying him back cause i felt bad... but this is kind a a slap in the face... come on i aint that freaking stupid...

    so what did i do... i told him i have a couple oz and i can hook up an oz and a half if he likes... so tomorww im meeting up with him.....

    ...he thinks hes gonna get payback and show me for ripping him off... but i suppsosed ill have the last laugh seeing as a have a Fat sack of moss/grass/ferns and such to hook him up with.....

    ...thsi should be pretty amusing... i dont know what hes gona try and pull... gee ..i dont know waht ill do if he actualy wants the bud LOL....?
  2. sorry man but that is low as hell i dont know what to tell you to do because i would never find myself in that situation because i dont fuck anybody over who didnt have it coming to em you should hook him up with like a half for screwing him but dont screw him again or you might just get it back (honestly its people like you that piss me off lol j/k about the very last part)
  3. What goes around comes around my friend :D

    Sounds like he,s gonna be treating you like you treated him ,lol.
  4. yea man, you're just beggin for an ass whoopin. if somebody fucked me over twice in a row like that, i'd skip all the little kid bullshit and start kickin some ass. seriously, that's NOT cool. it's just selfish.

    and something else i noticed about your title "i aint that dumb am i?"

    ..ain't is not a word. only dumb people use ain't in a sentence.

    edit/ yes i realize i used 'ain't' in a sentence, but i was just making a point.
  5. like i said a real dick thing to do.... ..but i wasnt going to sell him a fucking bag of grass ...believe me im not that low... that would be terrible....

    ....that first time was the only time ..i ripped him off..... i wasnt going to hook him up with a sack of moss and shit and take his money .....i was just gonna have taht cause i thought he was gonna jack me...... so he would have jacked me shit...

    ...he doesnt want any bud anymore as of today.... ..

    ..and i decided to pay him back.. and hopefully repel some of that bad karma coming my way.....
  6. ^^
    Theres hope for you after all lol j/k good job making up for it though man i truly am proud lol
  7. :p.... i hoped so.....
  8. That is really fucked up bro. If someone fucked me over on Alcohol I'd kick the shit out of them. I love alcohol way too much to get fucked over. :D
  9. You know what I'd do if I was that guy? I'd come back to you and smash that bottle on your face. You can't fuck with people man. Some mofo's won't deal with that ignorant, game playin' bullshit. It's good that you decided to pay him back but think about it next time or you might not get away with it so easy.

  10. Ummm... I found this on www.dictionary.com

    1. Contraction of am not.
    2. Used also as a contraction for are not, is not, has not, and have not.

    Usage Note: Ain't has a long history of controversy. It first appeared in 1778, evolving from an earlier an't, which arose almost a century earlier as a contraction of are not and am not. In fact, ain't arose at the tail end of an era that saw the introduction of a number of our most common contractions, including don't and won't. But while don't and won't eventually became accepted at all levels of speech and writing, ain't was to receive a barrage of criticism in the 19th century for having no set sequence of words from which it can be contracted and for being a “vulgarism,” that is, a term used by the lower classes, although an't at least had been originally used by the upper classes as well. At the same time ain't's uses were multiplying to include has not, have not, and is not, by influence of forms like ha'n't and i'n't. It may be that these extended uses helped fuel the negative reaction. Whatever the case, criticism of ain't by usage commentators and teachers has not subsided, and the use of ain't is often regarded as a sign of ignorance. ·But despite all the attempts to ban it, ain't continues to enjoy extensive use in speech. Even educated and upper-class speakers see no substitute in folksy expressions such as Say it ain't so and You ain't seen nothin' yet. ·The stigmatization of ain't leaves us with no happy alternative for use in first-person questions. The widely used aren't I? though illogical, was found acceptable for use in speech by a majority of the Usage Panel in an earlier survey, but in writing there is no acceptable substitute for the stilted am I not?
  11. u gon' get a whoopin lol

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