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I actually wonder what is the real "high" effect.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hi, so I've been smoking occasionally for 3 or 4 months, especially at parties.

    First time I smoked I ended up smoking too much (it wasn't my fault though, I waited for it like 20 minutes and it did nothing but then all of it came up).

    That time it was like a movie or a series, it was kind of trippy and psychedelic, not that I had any hallucinations (not with the eyes open), but everything was sooo different.

    But then, besides 2 times or so, every time I've smoked I've felt a different high, is not that trippy or psychedelic, I just feel it's a bit more difficult to think and I can see patterns in leaves at parks and so, but it's a light effect.

    Yesterday I went to a friend's bday and smoked a lot (but knowing I was), and my heart started bumping super fast (160 BPM), I started feeling kind of the same effect I felt my first time on weed, this time it was a bit lighter and not unexpected, but sooo cool. Again, it is as if you're in a movie, things can even not only seem slow (when you think of them) but also you can actually see the world moving slower or faster.

    So I just wonder, you people that smoke daily or that have been smoking for a long time, what effect do you get?

    That first supper trippy and film like effect or the more relaxed (still potent) effect?

    I still wonder if I could smoke a bit more for it to be even trippier.

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  2. Nothing like what you are describing bro...

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  3. Being high is clarity. Filtering the bullshit and affirming universal truths any philosopher would be aware of with the given thought process. Once you know, you know.
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  4. Cannabis IS a psychoactive drug and due to it's extreme range of the whole synergistic panoply of compounds that make up the whole each strain can bring about a slightly different range of effects.
    Depending on strain and amount I use I can get anything from a mild laid back feeling to a hold on to your chair this is gonna be a hell of a ride trip very much like a well known hallucinogen from the 60s with a 3 letter name.
    Start making edibles-oil and your depths of stone increase to truly scary levels.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    The basic ratio is
    5 grams of hash-kief (dry ice method with a 160 micron screen)
    2.5 teaspoons of oil
    .5 teaspoon lecithin..
    Decarb material 240F for 40 minutes
    Blend decarbed material with oil and heat 220 F for 20 minutes..
    Makes 30 (0) capsules.. Average of 25 drops of hot hash oil per cap
    Some Dry Ice hash
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    A little avocado oil for flavor and it extends the high a bit longer I feel..
    Back in the toaster oven for 20 minutes at 220 F
    The Coffee mug heater keeps the hash-oil sludge hot enough to draw up the eye dropper
    Caution.. Start with a single drop of this stuff and add more at 2 hour intervals until your off..
    Dosing is problematic as no two people react the same.. A single drop can overwhelm my wife but I need 100x that much.. 4 full caps at a time 3 times a day for my personal relief..
    Spins and dry heaves are more then possible at this strength so do take some care until you find your personal happy zone..
    Happy Tripping.. It IS a psychoactive drug after all..
    Works with powdered weed subbed for the hash it's just a 1/4 as strong.
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  5. It can be as simple as putting a fat bud in just enough oil-butter to cover it in a shot glass. Microwave in small bursts of 10 seconds till it's hot.
    Chow down. :) OK it's a little hard to eat the oil soaked bud but it'll knock your socks off. Can strain out the weed with a garlic press but it's stronger if you leave it in. Powder the bud in a coffee bean grinder or scissor it up really small before adding the oil.
    Stronger yet if you decarb the bud first
    240 F for 40 minutes.
    Add 1/6th lecithin for even more intensity.
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  6. i need to try that out. thanks man!!
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  7. I felt like that one day, I started talking about the meaning of life and death to a friend while high haha, I wasn't extremely high that day though.
    I believe it's different for every person, at the party I remember one of my friends would laugh a lot, while another smoked a lot and was literally starving at things, tv, the wall... Whatever it was in her sight.

    You would ask her something and 5-10 secs later she would say: "Wha..what?!" With a very relaxed tone LMAO.

    For me it was a trippy film camera like effect, I remember I was talking with one of my friends and someone enters to the house, I got there and I see him, I tell him: Wait, weren't we just talking at the living room?
    And he tells me: That's impossible man, I've been with this people at the street all this time (they were taking a girl to her home)

    I was like: Oh yeah, fuck what I was doing there there?

    Appart from that, I can talk normally when I'm high (my friends can't).

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  8. Different strains can give different effects.
    An Indica generally produces a physical/body stone, while a Sativa usually gives a head/mind high.
    Hybrids can have both effects with either one predominant depending on the Sativa to Indica ratio.
    Then there's THC content. Some weed is just more potent than others.
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  9. Probably because your tolerance is so low. Once it gets higher, you won't notice the slow motion as much. The strain also makes a huge difference. On Sativa, I feel like the slow motion thing you're talking about is really all I can focus on, and it freaks me out. Indica has a bit of that, but I'm able to focus much easier on enjoying myself rather than being paranoid. When my tolerance is high, it's basically the same, but a lot more mellow. Good question for sure, I'm always fascinated by the idea that someone else's high might be completely different than mine.
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  10. Being high with or without weed revolves around focus. You focus your being in the direction you want to feel. Focus on something you don't like and you'll feel it. Attention follows intention - as mentioned above: focus thought and feeling to go beyond the daily noise of the mind and you will feel naturally high. This is a place of trust, peace, joy, appreciation and blessing.
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  11. The very first time I smoked a joint with a friend I really didn't feel anything.... it was just some Reggie stolen from my parents. Now the second time I smoked a blunt with a few people and got ripped totally geeked morning I woke up still stoned!! Scared me actually...I thought it maybe laced because I was freaking HIGHER THAN HIGH!! Never have I even been close to that high again!

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  12. First high is usually the best high you'll ever have

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  13. #13 Quantary, Aug 1, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
    I'm dating myself by admitting that my first real scary high experience was from smoking what was likely Colombian Gold landrace. Since I was used to smoking a cigarette-fat joint of ditch weed just to get a shitty high, when I got this bag I rolled up one of the same size.

    Sat down on the couch with my neighbor and burned most of it. I remember thinking for a few minutes, this isn't doing anything, but the delayed reaction finally took effect. Never have I been that psychedelically high again,even on edibles.

    I remember feeling the uncontrollable urge to get up and start shadow boxing. There were times when I would walk from room to room and not remember how I got there or what I was doing. Couldn't even speak in coherent sentences. Most of the evening I can't even remember.

    When you get high like that for the first time, it's like getting your cherry popped, only happens once in life.
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