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I accidently slipped it in her ass

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by impactfour, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. her eyes lit up and she said she said keep going, complained it was too dry, got lube, came back and we continued, i'm keeping her.

    Anyone else have any good accidental anal stories?
  2. Last time I had sex actually haha. Accidental anal sex turned into a really good time. I was drunk and had just smoked hash for the first time. It was my first good experience with anal. Such a classy situation.
  3. One time this bitch that went to my high school was getting fucked in the ass by some dude, and she shit on his dick like spray shit, so he vomited, then she vomited. Yeah.
  4. Fuck man, thats come two girls one cup shit
  5. Accidentally with no lube and she said keep going??! Obviously not her first time with anal than. Fuck that my first time I cried, serious tears. Now my eyes light up.
  6. Apparently his mom walked in and vomited too but that's a little too farfetched for me
  7. Haha, we were fucking raw dog and my cock was pretty wet, but believe it or not it was her first time with a cock in her ass, we had played a little with toys and whatno before though. And :hello:, you have a lucky man(s).
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    Hahaha, why the fuck did he tell anyone about this, especially that his ma saw
  9. No she was a big hoe that's the thing so she probably told her friends or something, somebody found out somehow :smoke:

  10. I once had the pleasure of watching my roommate 2 years ago at least THROW UP IN A TRASH CAN while watching that video. it was amazing and to this day that video still has him beat
  11. Use a condom unless you want shit monsters living up your shaft my son.
  12. Happened once, not too long ago. Total fuck-up. She screamed and retreated immediately and started crying. Due to the crying and, coming with that, rubbing of her eyes, one of her contactsgot stuck somewhere out of reach and we had to drive to the doctor in the middle of the night to get it out. I felt like I piece of crap in that moment, she wouldn't even let me touch/comfort her.

    Some time later we bought some lube and now we're slowly working our way to voluntary anal sex.
  13. psssh, lame
  14. Accidental anal insertions......:mad:. I hate you guys....I cant even put it in her ass if it was the end of the world and you guys are getting this shit accidentally. I envy you all.:(
  15. WTF is "accidental anal" ? It's called "surprise buttsecks" !
  16. The only thing I consider to be suprise buttsecks is when the lady pops out of a cake first, otherwise, I expect it :devious:
  17. Thanks for the rep, you are the king of sodomy

  18. The aristocrats!
  19. its all fun and games until you damage someones ass or pull it out with your dick!
    Most girls are willing to try with a little coaxing
    Just rub her back and get her super horny and relaxed and tease her, then she will be begging for it...which is way hotter anyway
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