I accidentally triggered flowering

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  1. Last week I left one of my plants in the bathroom overnight and I must have triggered flowering because now I notice white pistils growing despite it being on a 20/4 light schedule all week.

    What should I do? Accept my fate and change the light schedule or if I leave it as is it will continue vegging despite the pistils?


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  2. U sure u just dont have a auto flower ?

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  3. It's probably preflowering and just a coincidence on the timing. It's not going to start flowering because of one long night. How old is it?
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  4. Goldgrower is dead on here. You are more likely just seeing preflowers.
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    Yes you can go back wards once light is fixed. But your bathroom light is not a grow light tho and that probably did trigger flowering.
    It will take as many days as it been flowering to go back into veg.
    I cut clones out of depo tunnels up till 4 days into flower with no problems ever. If your Gene's are shit you risk hermaphrodites tho with that kinda stress
  6. Hilarious!
    I read the title to this thread as :
    "I accidentally got triggered flowering"

    For a second I imagined you just went full lefty tard and started crying, rolling around, looking for a safe space in your tent.
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