I accidentally made a halucinogen. :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Okay, one day i was just fucking around seeing if i could make a liquid for a fighter to have more energy and less pain. So I took about 3 tylenol gel caps (without the gel covering), 2 caffene pills, and 10 grams of sugar. Along with some vineagor as a vehicle for the medicine to soak through the skin.

    After i mixed it i put it in an ear dropper bottle and shook it up some more to dissolve the pills. Then i put about 10 drops on my wrist and rubbed it into the skin.

    Initially it worked. Then came the side effects, i started halucinating, badly. It pretty much was like a shroom trip. I got so paranoid, it was all over in about an hour and a half, but i probably would have gotten a better result if i hadnt been reading all those urban legends before tripping. :p

    p.s. Its also REALLy good with pains! I had a growing pain in my foot, i put on two drops and rubbed it in. It was gone in no time.
  2. hay if you get in to that kind of stuff you should go to school to be abotanyest thats what i wont to do in colleg but i just wont to studey weed sow i can grow and smoke it leagel hay right back to thise soon i can give you some moor reades okay peace
  3. hay man sorry for the spelling i wont to be a botanyiest thats what you should do if youlike remades okay sorry for the speling okay peace man or chike i dont now

  4. im thinkin you mean botanist?...the science of botany?...I say FUCK THAT.....Pharmacist is the job I want....you only have to take 4 years of college.....you can make MAD cash...all you do is dose out medicine....and you get all the free "candy" you'll ever need...
  5. Nubbin is right, free goodies! :D
  6. see i dont do that just weed and im the typ of pearson that is going to stude it hopfuley some day i can prove it to be saff for all of us to smoke weed leagel hay soory for trhe spelling im not the best speller peace

  7. umm.. they did that about 30 years ago actually.. the government just doesnt care, thats all.

    and about the hallucinogen- uhh, NO.
    try mixing pepsi and raw liver in a vat of mayo though.. i tried that the other day and when i ate it i got fucking FRIED dude.. it was crazy. you have to eat the whole vat though, or else it wont work
  8. Phunky phil, dont believe me? try it yourself, im sure it was only a huge caffene buzz from the caffene pills, but...yes. It was a halucinagen, i was paranoid the whole night. I really thought there was a guy breathing under my bed and i clutched a knife for whatever was going to happen. Also, my cat doesnt normally shed its skin so i can see its insides. So, believe what you wish. It did happen
  9. Just thought I'd mention Im more than halfway through my vat of liver and pepsi
  10. hahaha...:pukes:..ahhahahhaa
  11. Damnit! Stupid smilies! lol

  12. you may have been kinda fucked.. however, a 200, or even 400mg caffeine buzz still isnt anything like a shroom trip. well, unless your shrooms are actually made of caffeine. that would be trippy.
  13. lol, true, but im sure i was halucinating...that type of shit doesnt happen untill i take a bowl of hard shit, or eat a few shrooms. Hmmm...maybe a chemical reaction between tylenol and the caffene pills, i dunno all i know is the stuff smells like shit! lol

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