I absolutely love Fiona Gallagher's crying face

Discussion in 'General' started by calikevin87, May 17, 2018.

  1. So much so, I have coined it the Fiona Face, and now apply it to characters from others shows, and real life.



  2. I love everything about Fiona Gallagher. :love:;wub:
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  3. Love Fiona, but the crying face does nothing for me.
  4. I bet everyone has their crying face
  5. The best ones look like Fiona.

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  6. Have you heard her sing? She was in some opera movie and has a very attractive voice, she even made opera sound good.
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  7. I haven't, I'll have to look into that. I do like her as an actress, but this thread isn't for praising Emmy.

    It's for Fiona Face.

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  8. Discussions lead places. I've noticed lots of actors use the same expression each time showing the same emotion is needed. Theon Grayjoy has the exact same expression on his face with his eyes rolled back and his head tilted every time he gets smashed down onto the floor. Fiona's crying face doesn't help her attractiveness but I'm sure it's just part of her repertoire of emotional expressions. I'm a fan.
  9. I think it definitely shows devotion to your role, which I feel Alfie Allen shows in his role as well. Anyone who has truly felt emotion, I think, has experienced this face themselves, and if you think you haven't you're fooling yourself, lol.


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