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I Absolutely hate being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Super Nova, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. I smoked a million times before, and never got high, so today I hit up a fatass gravity bong. I hit it probably 10 times. Me and my friend are fucked the fuck up. But it isn't nice at all. My first time being high, using a g bong=fucked the fuck. Maybe the other times, we're a warning. Like from God. So anyways, In dizzy as fuck, can't talk, can't get off the damn couch. Is this normal?
  2. It's normal. The first few times I got high, I didn't like it so much either. I was scared I was going to die:laughing: You get used to it. In a couple years, you'll love it. Months even.
  3. maybe you dont like weed. i used a grav to make weed last for as long as iv been smoking. dont take 10 hits of dank ever
  4. took me a few days :D
  5. It's definitely not a warning from god. What's more likely is you hit a gravity bong 10 times with no tolerance and got way too fucked up.
  6. It was straight up Maui Wowie, I know people always say that. But I KNOW it was. The dankest shit in my life. So like that's too much weed?
  7. Do you know the genetics or what seedbank? I want some seeds.

    Anyway yeah, pace yourself next time.
  8. Just stop smoking weed. Trust me, you're going to have to stop smoking weed sooner or later when you want to get a job and have to pass a drug test. Plus, why keep on wasting your money on something that make you feel lousy. Real talk, smoking weed isn't a necessity, but when you become addicted to it, then it does become a necessity. Some can't see their life without it, and that's sad. Don't become addict to some fucking drug for no reason, or for a stupid reason like "fitting in" with your group of friends. And I know there is going to be people that are going get mad at me just for saying this, but forgot them. They are mostly a slave to mary jane and have a list of excuses for why they have to smoke weed everyday.everyday? ever damn day.
  9. :rolleyes: I don't know about all this but, if you dont like it: DONT DO IT!:confused:

  10. Hey man, I agree with you about plenty of those points, and if you need to smoke weed every day I agree you're missing out on a lot of life.

    BUT smoking weed occasionally can be a spiritually fulfilling experience. I know I wouldn't give that up.
  11. sounds lke the million times before you smoked some poo poo weed and then you finally got some good and you being low tolerance + gravity + good good = zooooooooooted:eek::eek:
  12. Why would you smoke "a million times" if you were not getting high? Got money to burn?
  13. I've been smoking for 32 years. That's a little over 11,000 days. I doubt you've smoked like a million times ;)

    You overdid it. Next time smoke less. Or, perhaps it just isn't for you. Not everyone should smoke cannabis.
  14. I'm not a "slave to mary jane" as you said, I still disagree with your post though. The man wanted to talk about his first time smoking, in which he got way too high for a first time. It is our job as educated stoners to tell him that this happens to everyone, and being high (most likely, unless he just doesn't like being high) is normally a fun and enjoyable experience. I personally think that smoking consistently, from morning until nighttime everyday, is unhealthy for the conscience. I think this because if someone feels the need to be high everyday, there are perhaps underlying issues if you need a drug to deal with reality. I'm not going to be spiteful towards those that smoke everyday, they've made their choices as I've made mine.

    @OP. Being high isn't always like that, you are (were) probably experiencing a green out, getting too high and then subsequently dizzy. It happens to the best of us, if you smoke less you will feel better. If you want to continue smoking, the next time you do, pace your hits, breathe inbetween hits (of course), and make sure you keep a mental awareness of where your mind is at so you don't get too high without realizing it. If you don't want to smoke anymore, well this forum might be boring then! :smoke:

    Good luck with whatever you do
  15. Op, that's like saying "it's the first time in my life drinking. I downed a whole bottle of whatever name hard liquor. I was super intoxicated and threw up" = bad time?

    Maybe next time have a comfortable environment, smoke less, maybe a small/med sized joint?

    If you still don't enjoy it, then maybe it's not for you.
  16. Weed effects everyone different. Some just don't like it. I call people that don't like it Naturally High. Like others said earlier don't smoke it if you don't like it.
  17. Make sure your smoking environment is extremely enjoyable to you.
  18. Well OP 10 gbong hits will annihilate you especially considering its your first time being high
    As stated before you will get use to it and learn to like it my first time high was miserable during the experience, but looking back it was funny shit
  19. Uhh then don't smoke weed?
  20. like my fellow stoners have mentioned, you gotta be in an enjoyable environment, and in the right mind set before you take that first hit. if your in a pissy mood, it can make your mood worse.

    it sounds to me like you just got a little too high LOL it happened to me my first week of smoking, and after that i was cool. man i love that feeling now haha

    i call it 'visiting mars for a while' haha

    if you over blaze again like that, as long as you keep telling yourself that you WILL come back to earth and will be fine, then you can sit back and enjoy it :)

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