I-5 Going through Seattle, almost got fucked up!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PercMyBlastBeat, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. So i was taking a long drive home at like 12:45 in the morning, i smoked a bowl before i left but i was more tired than high half way through the drive... As im almost getting home about an hour or so later the freeway started to merge left with those big orange barrels because of road work. There was a semi to my upper right and a car behind it. the car changed into my lane and started passing the semi on the left, the one that was now merging right, so it was a simple choice between gun it and hopefully make it out or slam on the brakes and get pinned between barrels and a semi.. As im following this car, fucking slamming on the gas pedal of my honda accord ex station waggon fuckin' grandma car, it was fast and furious shit. i had about six feet of the semi infront of me when i realized my lane was abruptly ending. me and this other guy flew around this semi, me almost skimming my left side view mirror on the barrels and getting infront of this truck with about a fucking foot to spare. shortly after the adrenaline kicked in and i was no longer tired, and not dead, wow.
  2. That's pretty crazy, glad you're still alive!
  3. right? haha!
  4. Damn, that's scary. I hate driving next to semis... Probably in big part because I got hit by one once, but I hated them before that too. :hide:

    I-5 through Seattle is a damned nightmare anyway. People always darting back and forth every which way... I swear to god I nearly get hit every time I drive through that area. :p

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