I’ve smoked a quarter a week for the last 8 years

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  1. How long until my urine is clean? And what can I do to make it go faster?
  2. Maybe 30 days, maybe 3 years.

    Don't smoke.:coolalt:
  3. I had to do I forgot I think a total of 24 months probation. I had to do a piss text text every month it sucked. I still smoked tho. I took a cleaner/detoxifier. It worked for a small window. Out of those 24 test, only two were dirty. They told
    Me at the end of my probation and violated me. I was actually a wanted person for a little
    Bit lol one weekend me and my wife went camping on north padre and a park ranger drove by. I ended up going to jail in south texas for the night. It was the nicest jail I ever been to. I went to court and They revoked the probation and sentenced me to 120 days in jail.
    Was it all worth it???
    Sometimes it better to just quit smoking or suffer the consequences of smoking.
  4. One of my crazy theories was to sweet it out. Basically drink a shit ton of water and just sweet it. I don’t think it works but I wonder if anyone else has tried
  5. Depends on your metabolism and body fat percentage.

    People with high metabolism, like athletes, will get rid of thc rather quickly. Some can pass clean within a week. But if you have lower metabolism and a high body fat percentage then it could take 1-3 months.
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