I’m new at growing and just thought I would give it a try

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JohnGrow420, Dec 27, 2022.

  1. I sprouted a seed of runtz and it just popped out the ground does it need better light today I only have a small led light maybe a 75 watt but I was just wondering what the best growlight and type would be good to get

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  2. as its your first grow go easy don't get the $999.00 Spider Farmer, Just yet...
    but if you could borrow the gear its even more fun than handing over all that cash so soon

    For now 2-3 cfl's is good on an array you could build, but now your babe needs low light and constant 77F heat

    good luck
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  3. Square footage of grow area?
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  4. check out the hlg patriot. It has a very good germ to harvest spectrum and can cover one plant if the plant does not get too big, and then you can add another one after you see how much you like growing. I dim mine to 120w and run 18 inches above.
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  5. upload_2022-12-27_14-27-25.png

    that looks expensive, but really ... tent, integrated controls, scrubber, fans, light, trellis.

    Nowadays, the light manufacturer is not the biggest concern as what parts they are using. LM301B or LM301H are modern diodes. You should still get the light from a reputable company.
    Top of the list is Horticulture Lighting Group. I also like KingBrite (China). Mars is now making better lights comparable with SpiderFarmer.
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  6. If that is a 75 watt grow light and not an LED light bulb, you can grow a smaller plant with it in a 2'x2' area. I run an 85 watt light in my seed tent and they go 8-10 weeks of flower and produce 1-1/2 to 2 ounces. Do NOT water that seedling until the pot is light in weight. Over watering is the biggest mistake new growers make.
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