I’m new and I can’t figure out what’s wrong

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Newgrower3816, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. Can someone please help me find out what I’m doing wrong. This is my first run.

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  2. first question what type of light and distance from plant
  3. All questions: What kind of medium, what kind of nutes, what kind of light, whats the temp and humidity, what kind of ventilation system is in place?
  4. SF4000 it’s 22” away
  5. what % power?
  6. Happy frog soil with alfalfa meal. Kelp meal.oyster shell.bat guano.worm casting and feather meal
    Temp around 75
    Humidity 50
  7. 40% power on the light
  8. they look to me hungry for at least light minimum
  9. are you planning on transplanting or is this final pot?
  10. So I need to turn the light up and it’s already transplanted into a 7 gallon fabric pot
  11. NO, don't turn that light up. If anything it's too much. Give me a sec, I'll calculate your ppfd.
  12. when she gets bigger put more soil in the pot supposed to fill them all the way to the top for best results and i think you will be fine make sure you use ph correct water
  13. Light looks good for where they are at. What kind of water volume have you been giving them?
  14. I’m gonna sound stupid but wdym water volume
  15. I just wait till it feels pretty dry then I water till water starts to come through
  16. Ah, that's part of the problem. Those small plants in a 7 gallon can't deal with that much water. You need small amounts of water in a circle just past the edge of the leaves. You increase water amount as plant grows, but you want to have your pot dry out in 3 days or less. Start small and monitor the changes. I'd also bring that tent humidity up to 60%, 50 is good for flower, not for veg. Peace.
  17. Ohhh ok still getting the hang of things ..thanks for ur help
  18. No problem. I wasn't born with a cannabis plant growing out of my ass, we all start the learning process somewhere. It will get easier in time. Plus there are many very experienced growers here and a shit ton of information. If you ever need anything, drop me a line and I'll do what I can.
  19. yes you need to make the roots search for water that is probably the main issue over watering at this point
  20. I like to believe I woulda known it was over watering but then the leafs started doing that and I had no idea that over watering would do that to a plant so I was convinced that it was something else

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