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I’m dying here...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Deleted member 466836, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. I literally feel like it.

    I’ve got a shitload of issues but RA is going to kill me.

    I read several threads here re: RA but I’d like to talk about it here and now.

    Let’s discuss lol I have this crap in my joints, muscles, nerves, heart, eyes, ligaments and tendons.

    I wish I was kidding. My doctors are confused. I’m confused.

    I’m out of shatter and crumble, concentrates make me feel human.

    I’ve smoked 6 large joints today, had 4 muscle relaxers, neurontin and I swear to Jah I can barely move.

    I had a nice week. Harvested, went to the beach, I didn’t overdo it.

    WTF is this crazy, incurable disease?

  2. Wife has that stuff too. A good Indica helps her. I've been growing Barney Farms LSD for 6 grows I think and she ain't tired of it yet.
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  3. double post
  4. Damn talk about double posting....weird
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  5. I was thinking of trying LSD. I try to go with the heaviest indica possible.
    When I go to the dispensary I really like Velvet Glove. I can’t buy the seeds though as they are always sold out.

    I’m on disability now. Was officially diagnosed last September but they said I’ve had it quite awhile.

    How old is your wife? I’ll be 53 next month.
  6. 55 in December
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  7. Tell her I said hey sister :love-mj2:
  8. I’m thinking of try the strain Washing Machine and also some Apple Jack or Black Jack. I need some Jack Herer get up and go sometimes but I don’t want any anxiety.
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  9. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    ^ thinks this might help. Do take care to sneak up on the first few doses as it's wicked powerful stuff and it lasts a really long time so if you overshoot the dose it's a long ride. :)
    Even I misjudge and get more then I bargain for from time to time.

    As well as this works it will make your cannabis go 5x to 10x further then it currently goes.
    I was getting up every hour to take a few tokes to calm my pain at night and toking all day to stay in a fair degree of comfort.
    This stuff works for 12 hours with a single capsule. Gave me back a normal life.

    Decarb first everything you intend to eat or drink.

    5 grams Kief, Hash, Concentrates, Powdered Buds
    2.5 teaspoon Coconut oil (any cooking oil works they just take a bit longer)
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin (any kind)(improves bioavailability)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes

    Fills 30 (0) capsules @80mg with concentrates. = 25 drops
    25mg with powdered buds.
    Caution. Start very low dose until you see how hard this hits. Like 1 drop, Wait 2 hours, Take another drop, Wait 2 more hours. Repeat until stoned. Now you have a baseline number of drops to try next time.

    Long term use this stuff stacks on me. By that I mean I can't take it every day or I wind up so hammered I'm just to ripped to function. I have to skip a day every 3-5 days. YMMV.

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  10. I know I love you. I’m going to make these ASAP
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  11. Keep following your doctor's prescriptions mate, though if you want personal advice - fix your mental state. As from what I'm seeing i can tell that you are not thinking well, do positive stuff and keep your mind occupied, it helps me I hope it will help you too
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  12. You’re 100% correct.
    I’m also bipolar but I do my best.
    I appreciate your advice and I have to keep up mood and outlook.
    I went to a new rheumatologist and I’m confident in him, which makes a world of difference.
    New diagnosis is Polyarthritis, never heard of it before now but I’ll wear whatever diagnosis proudly and fight it head on. Really this is my general mentality however when your body and brain turn on you it’s a little hard.
    Thanks again for the advice. Dr is starting from ground zero so we’ll see what happens. :)
  13. That's great. Keep it up mate. Life is fighting and you should fight it until the end :)
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  14. I have OS in both wrists and recently was diagnosed with degenerative spondyloarthritis.
    I use tincture from Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it thnx to @PsychedelicSam.

    Although not RA this form of arthritis needs time both to deteriorate in the absence of cannabis and to ameliorate in the presence of cannabis.

    hope this helps
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