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I’m back and flowering harder than ever! Papayahuascha grow journal ( papaya x karma head stash )

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by M9Prime, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. So I may be starting the journal a little late, I wasn’t going to start one at all, but I felt like these amazing genetics should be shared with our lovely community,

    Trusty Vivosun 4x4 Mylar tent
    6 - 7 gal smart pots
    1 Qb260
    1 mars cob test light
    1 mars 600w

    6” 400 cfm Exhaust
    6” 390 cfm intake
    2 - 6” mini fans

    Using mammoth microbes
    And advance nutrients nutes for this run.

    These girls have been provided by ONI SEED CO, they’ve been in veg for just under 5 weeks before I flipped them, theyre going on week 6 with 1 week of flower finished, many budsites are visible and all the stems are starting to thicken up.

    This summers been relentless with the heat some days the tent reaches 33C but they’re very resisliant plants.

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  2. Cool, did all the seeds pop good? Was looking at their banana sour!
  3. germed 6 using the paper towel method they all popped withing 24 hours. and theyre all going as we speak, will give an update on the girls tonight
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  4. Little update, it’s been a few days and I’m just about to go out and get myself a Co2 natural canister from my local hydroponic shop, and incorperate it into the grow, but for now the ladies are just waking up and they got their feed of silica and water that was ph’d down to 6.5 the girls are loving the lights and hopefully soon the Co2

    Thanks for checking in blades!

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  5. Looking good, six plants here?
  6. 6 beautiful ladies indeed! One month vegged almost 2 weeks flower now
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  8. Sad to say 3 of the girls are showing either nanners or pollen sacks, our power was out for two days with heat reaching in the low 40 C 3 girls chopppes 3 to go.... popping new beans to get them started so I can have a nice rotation
  9. They look great anyway! I just had nanners got to beat the summer heat

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  10. This years been the hottest on record for us, it’s been causing brown outs like crazy Sometimes the power goes off every other hour, it’s very annoying and even with a generator, it’ll keep the lights on but not the a/c. Can’t win around here right now
  11. I feel you dude.

    You wouldn't believe the stupid things dealing with certain aspects of the grow that can bring things to a halt. Building codes, safety compliance, if you're the reasoning the neighborhood stinks and your neighbors hating you....

    You just got to hang in there. I don't know if this is even an option what If the power goes out and you have dry ice in there? CO2 + cooler air?

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  12. Sorry to hear that man, hope everything goes smoother for you from now on. I’ll be watching! Thanks!

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