I’m a new-ish grower of herb, and here to learn

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  1. My name is Kayla, I am fascinated by cannabis and just coming into my own while learning to use and cultivate it. I am here to learn, and I liked the feel of this site so.... here I am.
    I was a pretty sheltered kid so I didn’t actually try smoking till 21, and didn’t use it regularly until a year or so ago. It has changed my life, it’s pulled out of my depression, and I’m far more happy and productive now that I use it medicinally for my anxiety and sensory overload issues. Obviously this gets expensive, and I’m the kind of person who likes to do things on my own anyways, so I have become passionate about growing.

    I only have a couple seedlings, and my father wants me to take care of his clones, (he doesn’t know what he’s doing either), and I am just trying to get as much info as I can on every facet of this plant.

    So howdy.
  2. Welcome in Kayla.
    My best advice is to read as many threads as you can. The more you know and all of that. :)

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  3. Welcome Kayla, as noted above, just study. As with any garden venture there can be set backs but that happens so don’t sweat it. If you aren’t in a legal state then remember, TRUST NOBODY. That rule cannot be bent. Again, welcome and you have found the right place.
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  4. That’s one of my talents..... I’m a huge autodidact, so I guess I’ll keep reading and learning firsthand...

    It really is a beautiful and wonderful experience learning this stuff, and essentially creating and facilitating the production of this awesome plant.
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  5. Welcome! The city is a good place to learn.
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  6. There are some short guides floating around and in the Organics Thread there is a PDF thread that will keep you busy for a bit. A lot of good weed guides and such. Gardening in general can seem like a lot to digest but you can break it down pretty good. You’ll do well.
  7. I have just gotten into gardening as a major hobby, so I understand how complicated it can be, but I have lots of flowers (I use them to make my own tea), and a thriving vegetable garden. I love it, so learning about this particular plant is an extension of that. I care much more about my cannabis seedlings than my butternut squash plants, so I’m definitely gonna take your advice and keep reading. This is a lovely forum so far
  8. If I paid better attention I would have seen the “ish” in the title. You are off and running. Cool.
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