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  1. Ok, the situation is this...say I have just begun flowering eight 2-2.5 foot females (strains mostly indica, stout bushy variety, assured to be an early flowerer good for indoor conditions...) under 1k HPS. And say I have on hand 1 container dyna grow, one dyna bloom, one dyna grow pro-tekt brand silicon supplement, one bottle superthrive, 1 safer oxygen plus. Everything looks good.
    I plan to get two things...a CO2 delivery system, and a bloom additive.

    I am only going to buy one more nutrient/supplement...what should it be? A hormone based growth regulator like bonza-bud? An amino acid filled concoction from one of these cannabis specialty nutrient makers? Some kind of glucose filled carbo-supplement (and can't I just use molasses for this, or is there some reason the molasses wont break down in my soil perhaps involving the chem fertilizers I've been using as I've heard asserted elsewhere)? Or should I just stick with the dyna bloom and add the money I save to my CO2 supplementation fund.

    And if my budget is tight for the short term, if I buy one of these CO2 Green Pad - 12" x 18" Pad - 5 Pack do you really think they are able to keep CO2 the levels up to the degree they claim...or are these things bs?
  2. If I was to buy another nute I would buy Kool Bloom. I use it and it works well during the flowering stage as a bud builder. As for the co2 pads I would just wait until you have the money for the real deal, you can raise the co2 of your room quite a bit just by going in your room and hanging out for a short time.
  3. Thanks! I've heard some good things about kool bloom. Definitely thinking about the CO2 question...there's a lot of conflicting info out there...wondering iif there's any solid stats on how much co2 breathing can generate, how long to fill a room to desired levels 1500ppm and how long that concentration lasts after you leave the room?

    Still hoping for some good advice regarding the flowering growth regulator hormone and the carbohydrate supplements including mollasses and it's "bio-availability" in chemically fertilized soil or whatever.......:gc_rocks:
  4. So I'd really love to hear someone's experiences with plant hormones and growth regulators. Especially Bonza Bud.
  5. I also use Kool Bloom, and like it very much. It works well, and is very concentrated, so it last quite a while. Unsulphured molasses is your best bet for a carb product, use one tablespoon per gallon of water. Other simple additives are epsom salts (for trace minerals) and hydrogen peroxide (for healthy roots and additional oxygenation).
  6. I have a co2 controller and 10-15 minutes in my grow room with my wife can raise the co2 500-600ppm's. A direct exhale on the sensor will redline the sensor's max setting at 2500ppm's.

    Kool Bloom powder kicks ass, but since I grow organically now, I still have the better part of a container of it sitting on my shelf.

    My recommendation for an additional additive for your plants if you absolutely must would be a liquid kelp fertilizer. There are too many benefits from kelp to list, so I'll copy and paste a write up from my kelp provider.....you can make the call:
    Here's some info about using it as a foliar spray:
    There are a lot products being sold as magic growth enhancers/regulators/hormone boosters etc. and if you read read the labels, you will find ascophyllum nodosum (kelp) as a proprietary ingredient.

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