Hypothetical: What Would Hapen?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KingCantaloupe, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. So if the US government made a bill and was like "If everybody in the nation stops smoking weed for the entire month of March, we will legalize it federally recreationally forever", and that they had a way of knowing if anybody did, could we do it? This is just a hypothetical, and not one person can take one hit of weed. What do you guys think? Can we come together for one another? Lol

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  2. I would defiantly decline that offer out of general principle!

    Luckily, what's most important has already happened: enough people are speaking up about it that it's hit critical mass. Monkeys out of the bottle!

    That's why medicinal and rec is happening, legalization coming. The power is in the hands of the people, so long as they realize it is.
  3. Then those who want prohibition would smoke it.
  4. I would assume it is a lie and then tell them to shove it up their ass and light my bong.
  5. At that point id be more concerned that the govt had the means to monitor everyone and make sure that they haven't used any.

    Id do just as I do now and tell them to suck it.

    I don't need their permission to use a plant.
  6. Well edible sales would go up, no smoking involved :p


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  7. i havnt smoked in over a month.

    Its easy.

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  8. So in the words, the government would find out whos smoking... through the NSA [​IMG]
    How about we all come together instead and say FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME
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    Arent we already doing that every time we smoke, or run through a stop sign, or speed, or sell something to someone else without getting taxed?

    I love illegal immigrants who work under the counter. They have it right. They are the most free people in the country.

    Im not part if the "dey tuke are jibs" croud like most conservatives.

    The way i see it, we will never truely be free, just as a rabbit is never free of wolves and owls.

    But we keep addapting and fighting to live as free as possible
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