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Hypothetical scenario...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by giba, May 11, 2011.

  1. So here's the scenario. Police find what appears to have been a very small budget grow room in a basement, that hadn't been used for quite a while. The room contained a couple cheap cfl bulbs in those cheap clamp-style shop light fixtures you can get in most stores for like $10. It also contained a bag of potting soil, a container of fertilizer, a cheap timer, a cabinet, some flower pots, and a couple leaves on the floor that were close to a year old. The police say it could be a felony manufacturing charge, but took no evidence. All they took was a couple small personal bags and a scale from the upstairs, a pipe, and a bong. One might wonder if the reason they took nothing is because they have no case? I would think that without actual plants or at least a root ball or something, that it wouldn't quite be enough to build a solid case. The old leaves probably didn't even have any thc in them after all that time. What do you think? Do they have a case?
  2. pretty specific for a hypothetical scenario lol
  3. I don't think it makes much of a difference though, without plants growing there now, they have no case.
  4. Something tells me this isn't hypothetical...
  5. If they didn't take any plants or plant stuff you should be fine, they can't bust you for owning gardening supplies.
  6. Hypothetical you say?

    Well, hypothetically speaking I would massacre them all.
  7. for all they know it was a plant genetics experiment for science class. they can't prove anything.
  8. Shit as far as they are concerned, you were growing tomatoes or something. I doubt they could nail you with the growing (but of course that won't stop them from trying). I mean, they do pretty much have a distribution charge on you already (with the bags and scale) so you gotta watch out. Manufacturing is a different story, though.
  9. OP just get a lawyer. You might be fine, but you will be watched from now on.

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