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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Unknown, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. Say that i had a metal pipe about 5 inches long, and say it had a loose metal mouth piece, and a cop pulled me over...
    Would i be in serious danger if i say...Hid it in my asshole and when i pulled it back out the mouthpiece was gone? :(
  2. Of course, this I did not do. :D But i sure wish i could see your god damned faces right now because i would be laughing so hard at the look of disgust on your face. :D

    Aint I a pain in the ass? LMFAO! (Pun intended)
  3. uh, yea...
  4. ROTFLMAO, lol :) :)

    Hypothetical question:

    If you go camping and you wake up in the morning with a condom in your ass..........would you tell anyone??
  5. lol...:d
  6. Moving to padoras box!

    Did you go to the doctor and have him/her remove it yet??? Or do you like the feel of metal in your ass??? :D
  7. hah,

    If you contracted herpies and the next day you find the hottest blond tugging at your belt buckle what would you do?
  8. I\'d let her suck and fuck that shit. What the hell do I care if she gets herpes.

  9. ... yea.... i stopped going in the woods
  10. Hypothetical question. If your friend has a wooden dick and you wake up one morning with splinters in your mouth. Do you tell anyone.?
  11. Slap that hoe.
  12. Unknown...duuuuude....I was all \"Ohhhhhh, that\'s not good for your hypothetical ass!\"

    ...and Blocko and Luke...you guys are bad!!!!! BAD, I say!!!!
  13. RMJL...you never answered my PM...so how old are you exactly? And whats ur measurements? ;) lol
  14. Whoa, everyone in this topic is just crazy, even for the Box! Is nobody getting laid?

    And to the topic creator, if this is serious, go see a doctor immediately if you haven\'t already done so. You won\'t get in trouble, since it\'s only a mouthpiece and therefore doesn\'t have resin on it. Just tell them you\'re really embarrassed, but you just decided to stick a metal object in your butt on a whim and part of it got stuck. Happens a lot, so they won\'t question it. It\'ll be embarrassing as fuck, but won\'t be suspicious at all. If you don\'t mind being a little suspicious, tell them the truth. I doubt they can call the police, and even if they did, they wouldn\'t have anything on you. But in any case, get it out ASAP. Good luck!

  15. with karma like that she\'s bound to get lockjaw halfway through the head-giving

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