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  1. What would you do if you are on the edge of a cliff 10 miles high smoking a blunt with a friend. The blunts almost done and he just passes it to you and all of a sudden goes " i wonder if i can fly" and before you even get a chance to say a word you see this motherfucker jump off the cliff. What would you do? id probably sit there and hit the blunt and see how fast he falls
  2. I'd probably follow him, heh who knows maybe hes onto something................
  3. I wouldn't keep hitting a blunt if a friend of mine just commited suicide in my presence.
  4. Isn't it only suiccide if they do it to die? Dude thought he could fly
  5. I'd shit.
  6. I would curl in the fetal position and cry TBH.
  7. maybe he CAN fly though:eek:
  8. id call his mother.
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    everyone is gonna think i killed him cause we were under the influence of marijuana :rolleyes:. so a life of jail and crying cuz my friend died? or jump after him, as im really stoned, and as im falling really really believe he was telling the truth. so, there is a smile on my face as i splatter to the ground.

    i think the second choice has a happier ending.
  10. I hope that none of my friends are that stupid.
  11. If your response is what you'd really do...

    Then you are the worst friend anyone could ever have.
  12. seems like there's probably not much point in doing anything by the point that he's jumped off the cliff. you could smoke the mess at the bottom of the cliff and see if is ghost came back and passed all your exams for you?
  13. Na it was just a joke . but it be tight if you said hold up and held hands and as you fell passed the blunt back n forth
  14. it would also be tight if all of a sudden after thinking that he just died if he came flying back up hovering and didn't even miss his rotation for the blunt
  15. I'd hit the rest of the blunt in rememberence of him then probably go get his wallet :D

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